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1883’s Faith Hill fights tears recalling ‘tough’ Yellowstone death ‘Can’t speak about it’


1883 star Faith Hill became overcome with emotion as she recalled the shocking season finale death.

Yellowstone’s hit spin-off 1883 became a huge hit with viewers after it premiered on Paramount Network in February. After the shocking finale left fans in tears, star Faith Hill was also forced to fight back her emotions as she recalled the tough episode.

As well as gaining a number of new viewers, a majority of 1883’s fans came from the original drama Yellowstone, as the spin-off was its prequel series.

It transported fans back 130 years before the events in Yellowstone to explore the lives of John Dutton’s great-grandparents and their children.

The audience gained a huge insight into how they came to acquire the highly sought Montana Ranch.

However, before the family could reach the state, the family suffered a huge loss as their daughter Elsa Dutton (played by Isabel May) died in the season finale.

The teenager succumbed to her infected wound after she was shot with a poisoned arrow when their caravan was ambushed by the Lakota warriors.

This happened after they found their homes destroyed and their family members killed.

While on the hunt for the perpetrators they came across the innocent traveller’s caravan driving from the direction of the crime scene and assumed they were responsible.

However, this was far from the case as the true offenders had moved on quickly and were even killed by James Dutton (Tim McGraw) Thomas (LaMonica Garrett), and Shea Brennan (Sam Elliot).

After attacking the caravan, Elsa became sick as the poisoned arrow went straight into her liver.

By the end of the episode, she met her death and with her parents by her side she was able to choose her burial place before taking her last breath.

Earlier in the season, fans were devastated after Elsa’s boyfriend Ennis (Eric Nelsen) was killed on their treacherous journey, so her death had viewers in puddles of tears.


After a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, it was revealed this was also the case for Faith Hill who played Elsa’s mother Margaret Dutton, as she had to fight back tears recalling the scene.

As Faith has three adult daughters around the same age as Elsa, she couldn’t help but put herself in those shoes.

The actress stated: “There’s a few places within the series that I seriously can’t even speak about because I had to go to such places to get what was needed.

Speaking on Elsa’s last words, she added: “That was tough, what she said. ‘See you in the valley.’ … I can’t imagine not being with my child in their final moments of life.”

Faith’s real-life husband, Tim McGraw, who starred alongside her in the series, also recalled being emotional during the finale.

He shared: “We shot it maybe three or four times, the very first time, Isabel and I both were just a blubbering mess.

“The scene that we ended up using, and I think it was the next to the last take we took, she’s laying on my lap and we’re getting ready to shoot.

“She just looks up at me and says, ‘What’s the thing you love most about your daughters?’ And then they said, ‘action,’ and it just tore me apart.”

With season two confirmed to return to screens, Elsa’s final resting place will set the scene of their lives on the Montana Ranch, which will then be inherited by John after six generations.


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