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‘1923’: What Happened to Margaret Dutton?


Taylor Sheridan’s new series, 1923 , follows the Dutton family 40 years after the events that occurred in 1883. 1883 told the tale of Margaret and James Dutton as they ventured across the Great Plains in the search of a place to put the Dutton family ranch. Unfortunately, something happened to Margaret Dutton along the way. Here’s what went down.

What happened to Margaret Dutton? She’s not in ‘1923’

Margaret Dutton was a fan-favorite character in 1883 . The family matriarch, played by Faith Hill , took care of her husband, James Dutton, as well as their family, and she managed to stay strong even through the harshest of realities, like when their daughter, Elsa Dutton, died from a dirty arrow.

“The most difficult thing for Margaret is to not be next to her child during any type of suffering especially death,” Hill told TVLine as tears threatened to fall. “God,” she laughed, “I can’t even make it through this question!”

Despite Elsa’s death, Margaret knew she had to carry on. So, what happened to her before the events of 1923? In the first episode of 1923 , a voiceover from Elsa reveals that Margaret froze to death. A year before she died, she wrote a letter to Jacob Dutton to tell him of her plight — and when she was found dead, the rest of her kids were found starving and half-alive. James died not long before she did.

How many children did James and Margaret Dutton have?

James and Margaret Dutton had three children. Elsa Dutton died in 1883 , but their other two sons, Spencer and John Dutton Sr., survived the brutal winter. They’re both lead characters in 1923 


When James and Margaret first settled in Montana, John Dutton Sr. was a child. He later worked with his uncle, Jacob Dutton, to help build the Dutton family ranch. When he’s first introduced in 1923 , he has a wife, Emma Dutton, and a son, Jack Dutton. It’s presumed that John Sr. and Emma have more children later on, but as of the beginning of 1923 , they only have Jack.

Spencer Dutton took a completely different trajectory. Spencer was born well after James and Margaret settled in Montana, and he’s a World War I survivor. The beginning of 1923 shows him hunting big game in Africa rather than settling on the ranch with his brother.

Is Faith Hill in ‘1923’?

Margaret Dutton may be dead, but fans would love to see Faith Hill in 1923 . Is there any chance she will return in some capacity?

It’s unclear if fans will see Hill in flashbacks, but it doesn’t sound like there are any immediate plans to include her in the series. Variety also asked Hill and Tim McGraw about their futures with show creator Taylor Sheridan. “We just don’t know,” McGraw told Variety . “We’re sort of in limbo like everyone else. We’re excited about what’s to come and excited about what he writes and can’t wait to see however it develops.”

1923 airs Sundays on Paramount+.


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