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‘Sister Wives’: How Did Kody’s Siblings React To His Family’s Fallout?


Sister Wives fans have been calling out Kody Brown since the heartbreaking end of Season 17. Many are not happy about Kody’s lack of efforts to bring his plural family back together. Instead, he ended up arguing with them, ultimately leading to three of his wives leaving. Now, fans are eager to know what are the thoughts of Kody’s siblings on his plural family’s fallout.

Sister Wives: How Did Kody Brown’s Siblings React To His Family’s Fallout

Sister Wives fans from Reddit discussed how Kody Brown’s siblings reacted to the recent downfall of the plural family. According to some, Kody has been silent when it comes to his own family. There are also speculations that some of them don’t want any publicity due to the negative image of Kody online. “I do wonder but I imagine they’re probably embarrassed that this dude is making the family look bad,” another person added.

Meanwhile, some fans are curious about Kody’s friends that were mentioned throughout the season. Fans are also curious about what the polygamist community thinks about what happened to Kody and his wives. Yet, some fans assume that many of them are not happy about how Kody handled their struggles last season. “There’s an interview with the Dargers I read about and they said the Browns are a mess lol,” another person added.

Will Kody Look For A New Wife?

At this point, Sister Wives star Kody Brown has yet to confirm if he’s looking for new wives after three of his wives left. However, there have been speculations that Kody and Robyn Brown have been struggling financially, and it may force Kody to finally seek new members of the plural family to help with the expenses. But fans doubt that anyone will be willing to enter Kody’s polygamous family, especially by how he handled Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, and Meri Brown in Season 17.


Sister Wives: Kody Brown Teases Season 18 In Recent Cameo?

Sister Wives fans have been talking about Kody Brown’s recent Cameos as well. Apparently, Kody has been teasing Season 18 in them. One fan even recalled the time when Kody teased that he’s been giving out “secret info” to people he knows about what will happen in Season 18. Paedon Brown has also teased that Season 18 will focus more on Janelle Brown. Due to this, fans can expect some interactions between Kody and Janelle despite their split.

There are also speculations that Kody may try to work things out with some of his wives. Yet, some doubt that Christine will ever come back, especially now that she’s in a new relationship. Do you think that Kody has any chance of reconciling with any of his former wives? Would you like to see that happen? Let us know in the comments.


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