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Sister Wives : Robyn Brown’s Privacy Flies Out the Window in New Season


Sister Wives star Robyn Brown seemed uncomfortable on screen over the last few seasons until she did her solo appearance in the final Tell-All segment for the TLC series.

Fans noticed they didn’t do much filming at her home. When they filmed there, it was all done outside. But as the season ended, she spurted out the discontentment she feels for her now ex-co-wives. She blames them for tearing apart the family.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Slowly Unplugged

Robyn Brown gives it her best shot at one point during the last season. She tries to get the wives to talk things out with Kody Brown. But that doesn’t happen, and the only in-depth talks fans are privy to on Sister Wives seem to end in disaster.

Janelle walked off fuming during one discussion. Then there’s Kody’s unforgettable drama on Sister Wives last season. He compared the pain of Christine Brown packing up and leaving as a knife in his kidneys. That scene saw Kody very animated for the cameras while trying to make his point.

But yet Robyn seemed to push all the blame back on her co-wives from Sister Wives. She claimed that they not only took her lifestyle away, but she said that her kids suffered as well. She wanted her kids to grow up in a polygamous family and enjoy having a few moms.

Kody Throws Out Hints About One Wife for Season 18

Kody Brown put out a recent video where he says that he’s basically in a monogamous relationship with Robyn now. That’s no newsflash for fans. But he also suggests that you’ll see what his new monogamous marriage looks like in Season 18.

Robyn doesn’t take advantage of social media like the other Sister Wives stars. Kody Brown, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown, all make money from the venues they’ve launched online. But not Robyn.

She doesn’t work outside the home as well. Unlike her Sister Wives co-stars, she doesn’t seem to contribute financially to her marriage.

So, while the other wives hustled to make money for the family, Robyn didn’t. This was addressed by some of the adult kids via their posts online. This means unlike her three ex-co-wives, wife number four doesn’t bring home the bacon.

So, fans are curious as to how long this lasts before the hubby starts suggesting she go to work. Still, going into Season 18, fans wonder how the aftermath of Kody’s failed marriages plays out.

With three wives gone, this leaves a husband who seems okay with having only one wife. But he has Robyn Brown living with him, as his legal wife. And she wants a polygamous marriage. So, this is another factor thrown into the mix that has fans guessing if she wins out and new wives pop up down the line.


Sister Wives: Will the Real Robyn Please Stand Up…

It sure sounds like viewers get to see the real Robyn Brown in the new season. While the other moms are living large, evident by their recent posts, this fourth wife stays tucked away at home.

Yet, she’s faithful to Kody Brown, and he likes to run things in his patriarchal way. So, while the other wives liked their independence, Robyn says she enjoys Kody running things.

When he was asked if Robyn was his favorite wife, he denied it. He claims it’s not about having a favorite, it is about “finding favor.” Sister Wives fans suggest that he explains this in a peculiar way.

He said all three of his original wives, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown “sh*t talk” about him. What a difference from the days of “when there were 3” as the tweet below reminds us.

But not Robyn, no she’s ready to put up her dukes to defend him against anyone condemning him. He claims it’s her loyalty to him that makes her stand out among his other wives. But there was once a time when the other wives had that same loyalty to their shared husband.

Back in those days of harmony, the family looked happy, as the tweet above seems to indicate. So, it looks like Sister Wives fans get to see the real Robyn when the new season rolls along in September.

Is privacy a Thing of the Past for Robyn?

That privacy she enjoyed over the last few seasons sounds as if it comes to an end. With only her and her husband as a family unit, it sounds as if her husband thinks they get a lot more camera time together than before.

From what Kody said in a recent video, viewers get to check out their new lifestyle. He describes Robyn Brown as a loyal wife who allows him to be a patriarch of their family.

But many fans don’t buy this, and they will tune in to see if Robyn calls the shots or if the Brown patriarch has the privilege of the final in his new monogamous marriage in this TLC series.


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