‘1923’ Season 2: Everything We Know so Far


Unlike the first Yellowstone prequel 1883, Taylor Sheridan’s 1923 was always meant to have a season 2. The series will return with more of the 20th-century Dutton’s story, but there’s limited information about the new season. Here’s everything we know so far.

What will season 2 of ‘1923’ be about?

The 1923 finale set up the storyline for season 2. Spencer and Alex were separated on their journey and have agreed to meet in Bozeman, MT. However, Spencer needs to get there soon to face off against Donald Whitfield, the wealthy land grabber who put the Duttons in his debt.

Viewers will also likely catch up with Teonna Rainwater, who escaped a horrific Native American boarding school. She is headed for a Comanche reservation with her father and Pete Plenty Clouds. The series already hinted at a romance between Teonna and Pete, and we’re expecting this to be further explored in season 2.

When will Paramount+ release new episodes of ‘1923’?

1923 Season 1 was exclusive to Paramount+, and there’s no reason to think season 2 will be any different. However, there isn’t yet a release date for the new season. Right now, Taylor Sheridan has quite a few other projects in the works.

It’s worth noting that the turnaround, from filming to release, was pretty quick for season 1. Filming for the series began in August 2022, and the show premiered in December 2022. With this in mind, 1923 Season 2 could return as early as 2024, but it’s difficult to say at the time.


Potential cast for season 2 of the ‘Yellowstone’ prequel

Most of the original cast of 1923 will likely return for season 2. That is— if their characters survived the season. We’re expecting to see Jacob (Harrison Ford), Cara (Helen Mirren), Spencer (Brandan Sklenar), Alex (Julia Schlaepfer), Jack (Darren Mann), and Elizabeth Dutton (Michelle Randolph) back for the new season.

Additionally, Banner Creighton (Jerome Flynn) and Donald Whitfield (Timothy Dalton) have plans for the Dutton family, and Teonna Rainwater’s (Aminah Nieves) story is far from over. Two Dutton actors, however, won’t return.

James Badge Dale’s character John was killed off early in the season. The actor previously told The Hollywood Reporter that he doesn’t believe his character will return in flashbacks. John’s wife Emma (Marley Shelton) also departed the Dutton ranch.

Here’s what Taylor Sheridan said about renewing the show

Unlike 1883, Taylor Sheridan knew he needed season 2 to fully tell the story of 1923. “It’s really the second half of the season,” he told Deadline.

“This one is different than 1883, where I had the whole thing blocked out in my head. This one, I had no idea what I was going to do. I just went on a journey myself, and I’m the one that made the call to the network, which is probably the greatest call they ever got.”

All episodes of 1923 are currently streaming on Paramount+.


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