‘Yellowstone’ Star Josh Lucas Reacts to Matthew McConaughey Joining The Franchise


Josh Lucas is thrilled that the Yellowstone franchise is moving forward with a new spinoff starring Matthew McConaughey.

President and CEO of ViacomCBS Chris McCarthy broke news of the project to the Hollywood Reporter last week, and fans went wild, along with Lucas, who said “bring it on.”

“I’m always so fascinated to see what [creator] Taylor [Sheridan] is doing as he tells the story,” Lucas told ET’s Will Marfuggi. “The thing that moves me or surprises me most is that every time I think something is too crazy or too fantastical, it turns out it’s based on a true story from Taylor’s life or from something that is very close to the cowboys that all of this story is about.”

The news came two months after Deadline reported that Yellowstone was ending because of scheduling conflicts with John Dutton star Kevin Costner. Neither Paramount nor Costner’s camp have confirmed the rumors.

During the conversation, McCarthy was unable to give an answer about the series’ fate, but he did say that Yellowstone “wouldn’t be what it is today without Kevin, and we hope that that stays for a long time to come.”


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While he couldn’t say that the franchise original will continue past Season 5, McCarthy was able to clarify that McConaughey’s series is not dependent on its future. He will get his spinoff whether Yellowstone continues or not.

Josh Lucas Praises ‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan’s Creative Process


As of now, there are no clues about the plot of McConaughey’s show or if it will be a prequel, sequel, or something entirely new. We also don’t know how the Oscar-winner will connect to Costern’s character.

Lucas, who plays the younger John Dutton on Yellowstone, doesn’t have any answers either. But he can speak on Sheridan’s creative methods, and he’s certain that John Dutton will live on through the new show even if the actual character disappears from TV.

“I’m sure he has great ideas for how these characters merge together,” he added. “Part of it is the mystery of the mind of that creator…bring it on.”

“John Dutton is partly Taylor Sheridan, partly Kevin Costner,” Lucas continued. “So I’ve got these two powerful men who are icons in what they’re doing now. It has the weight and the challenge of trying to fill the shoes of the great Kevin Costner and also Taylor’s vision for who John Dutton is.”


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