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Sister Wives’ Gwen Claims Janelle Left Because Kody Was ‘Icy’ To Kids

Gwendlyn Brown from Sister Wives gives her YouTube followers some insight into the real reason Janelle Brown left her marriage to Kody Brown.


Janelle Brown has only been single for a short time, but Sister Wives‘ Gwen Brown is sharing the supposed reason the mother of six walked away from the patriarch. Kody Brown has not done a good job of keeping his four wives happy, as he has lost three since 2021. The daughter of Kody and Christine Brown regularly shares insight into the family’s issues and isn’t finished spilling the beans.

Sister Wives fans were treated to more insider information about the famous Brown family as Gwen opened up during a recap video on YouTube.

During a major “breaking point” in Janelle’s marriage to Kody, the mother of six ended up being influenced by her children to leave the father of 18. Curious fans asked Gwen if the icy relationship was the reason Janelle called it quits, to which the 21-year-old replied, “Absolutely.”

Sister Wives’ Janelle Didn’t Want To Deal With Kody Anymore

Janelle has always been an extremely loyal wife to Kody, but the feelings weren’t always reciprocated. Gwen shared that Janelle is perfect in “every way,” but her six kids–Logan, Hunter, Garrison, Gabe, Maddie, and Savanah–were “going through it” with Kody. Janelle having to watch her children struggle to be accepted by the polygamous patriarch was apparently too much for the mother to bear, with Gwen sharing that Janelle didn’t want to “deal” with Kody and his antics any longer, especially if he was going to ignore their children.


The major feud occurred between Gabe, Garrison, and Kody during Sister Wives season 16 when the adult sons didn’t feel their dad was being fair when it came to his rules about the global COVID-19 pandemic. The boys questioned why Kody refused to come to their mother’s house and revealed that since he wouldn’t visit, they were still going to see their respective girlfriends. After almost 30 years together, Janelle and Kody called it quits in December 2022.

For months, Janelle had been living on her own out at Coyote Pass in a luxury RV which Kody hated. She realized she could do things on her own and no longer needed Kody’s assistance. Janelle’s decision didn’t come as a surprise since Christine had similar issues with Kody. The patriarch only made time for his family with Robyn Brown and left the others, including his older children, to fend for themselves. It became clear if someone didn’t side with Kody, they were quickly iced out. Now that Janelle is officially single, she is spending quality time with her children, who have shown the Sister Wives star their full support.


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