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‘Sister Wives’: Gwendlyn Brown Calls Out Robyn for Fake Crying: ‘No Tears Are Coming Out’


Christine Brown’s daughter Gwendlyn Brown calls out her father, Kody Brown’s wife, Robyn Brown, for crying without tears. The 21-year-old Sister Wives star also reveals that Robyn’s crying has always been something she and her siblings have joked about.

Gwendlyn calls out Robyn’s tearless crying

Gwendlyn has been reacting to Sister Wives episodes on her Patreon account and answering fan questions about the Brown’s complicated family dynamic. When reacting to part 2 of the Sister Wives Season 17 ‘One-on-One’ reunion, Gwendlyn calls out her father’s wife, Robyn, about her lack of tears.

In the Sister Wives episode, which aired in December 2022, Robyn cries about how Christine’s divorce has ruined the family dynamic. With Kody choosing to leave Meri and Janelle choosing to separate from Kody, Robyn thinks her sister wives have “stolen” the sister wives experience from her that was promised when she married Kody.

Gwendlyn asked why the camera zoomed so far into Robyn’s face as she mustered up tears. “What is it zooming in on?”She adds, “Was it just me, or were there like no tears?” As Robyn continues to cry, Gwendlyn comments, “Oh god, that must suck. Crying, and no tears are coming out.”

Gwendlyn feels bad about not paying attention to what Robyn is saying and focusing on the lack of tears. “That’s all I’m thinking about. That’s very low of me,” she concludes.

Gwendlyn and her siblings mock Robyn’s crying

In previous reaction videos, Gwendlyn has confirmed that Robyn cries just as much off-camera as she does on Sister Wives. She said that Robyn is known for being emotional and sensitive, the same with her daughters, Aurora Brown and Breanna Brown.

In the episode, Kody talks about how Robyn was victimized by his other wives and family members since the beginning. However, Gwendlyn set the record straight, saying that it’s always her father she has a problem with, not Robyn.


“When I’m talking with the siblings, we’re complaining; it’s like, ‘Screw dad.’ It’s never like, ‘Screw Robyn.’ If we say anything rude about her, it’s the amount of crying that she does, and that’s it,” Gwendlyn says.

‘Sister Wives’ fans give Robyn the nickname ‘Sobbin’ Robyn’

Sister Wives fans have been calling out Robyn for her fake crying since season 1. She’s even earned the nickname “Sobbin’ Robyn,” which she mentioned on the show. Many Sister Wives fans are convinced that Robyn is using her tears as a manipulation tactic to get what she wants from Kody or to deflect attention from her behavior.

In a Reddit post about the Sister Wives Season 17 reunion, a fan wrote, “Robyn fake crying over watching herself fake cry … Is there anything more meta than that?”

Another fan commented, “Whenever she (fake) cries with all the exaggerated theatrics, she’s trying to garner sympathy by faking sadness, but what I see is not sadness but seething [with] rage that she can barely control, and it usually surfaces whenever the topic is Christine or Janelle.”

As Sister Wives fans know, Kody’s protection of Robyn has gotten so strong that no one has dared publicly talk about Robyn’s fake crying. Gwendlyn is now the first person in the family to call out Robyn for crying without any tears. Kody’s not going to like this one.


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