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John Wayne Estate Shares ‘Great Story’ of the Duke With Co-Star Lauren Bacall in New Colorful Post


During his iconic Hollywood career, John Wayne had some pretty famous costars. The list includes such costars as Jimmy Stewart, Dean Martin, Maureen O’Hara, Kirk Douglas, Glen Campbell, and William Holden – just to name a few.

On Monday (July 5, 2021), the Duke’s estate shined the spotlight on another one of his costars. This actress was none other than the beautiful and talented Lauren Bacall. Taking to Instagram, the estate shared an adorable photo of Wayne and Bacall embracing one another. According to the caption accompanying the photo, it was taken in 1976 while the actors were working on the film “The Shootist.”

The sweet photo was taken by Douglass Kirkland. It was used for a People Magazine cover during 1976. The caption also includes information shared by Kirkland about how the photo came to be.

“Bright colors were in but for fun he pulled back for one shot to show the background stick on a wall as Douglas says ‘a studio is a state of mind,’” the captions says.

The photo and film, “The Shootist” were poignant for another reason.

“John Wayne was making his last film ‘The Shootist’ about an aging gunfighter dying of cancer as he himself was terminally ill with the cancer that killed him in 1979,” the caption also says.

There are also details about how the Duke and Bacall felt about one another: “There was a rumor on the set that he and Lauren Bacall were sweet on each other.”



John Wayne and Lauren Bacall Also Worked Together in Another Film

According to IMDb, “The Shootist” also starred Jimmy Stewart, “M*A*S*H* star Harry Morgan, and “The Andy Griffith Show” and “Happy Days” star Ron Howard. Howard was nominated for a 1977 Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for the film. Bacall received a 1977 BAFTA Nomination for Best Actress for her work in this film.

“The Shootist” was not the only film that starred both John Wayne and Lauren Bacall. The two Hollywood legends also worked together in the 1955 film “Blood Alley.”

In fact, because the Duke enjoyed working alongside Bacall in “Blood Alley” so much he specifically requested her to play her role in “The Shootist.”

Lauren Bacall was famous for her work in many classic films. These included “The Big Sleep,” “Key Largo,” and “Murder On the Orient Express.”

She was also famous for her romance and marriage with another Hollywood icon – Humphrey Bogart. They were married from May 1945 until he passed away from cancer in January 1957. Bacall passed away in August 2014. She was 89 years old at the time of her death.


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