Yellowstone’s Kelsey Asbille Shares Revealing Behind-the-Scenes Photos — and a Peek at Yet Another New Look for Monica


In the meantime, series star Kelsey Asbille (Monica) took to social media with a message for viewers and some fun behind-the-scenes shots…

The backstage (if you can call it that when the ‘stage’ is outside) photos kicked off with a sneaky peek of Cole Hauser (Rip) and Luke Grimes (Kayce) from behind… as in, their butts in those jeans and chaps. Mmhmm. Thank you, Kelsey Asbille.

Next up was Forrie J. Smith (Lloyd) cuddling a big pink teddy bear on his lap — who wouldn’t want to see that?!? Just a big bundle of “aww”.

Fans might recall that prop was the prize Colby (Denim Richards) won for Skeeter (Jennifer Landon) in the scene where she hollered, “Gimme my bar!” repeatedly at the confused game operator. For those still in the dark, “bar” is “bear” in the ranch hand’s sometimes almost unintelligible Texan accent.

The third photo in the bunch was a nice shot of Grimes, Wes Bentley (Jamie), and Gil Birmingham (Thomas Rainwater) sharing a laugh, followed by a candid of Kelly Reilly emoting as Beth.


Subsequent photos included a shot of Piper Perabo (Summer) and Lilli Kay (Clara) outside the big white barn, a funny quote, and a shot of Asbille’s edgy new haircut, which is even shorter than the bob we’ve been seeing on Monica since she chopped off her hair in that emotional scene following the loss of the baby.

Asbille’s message to fans? “Thanks for tuning in! We love you. See y’all in the summer.”



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FYI, the funny quote Asbille shared in her post was from Yellowstone’s Director of Photography Michael Parry, who teased that he’d been listening to country singer Zach Bryan’s music and had been “crying all morning.” Fans may recall that Bryan’s song Tishomingo was featured on the show this season. Give it a listen below — it takes you right back to the scenes!


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