‘Yellowstone’s Dawn Olivieri Addresses Possibility of Kevin Costner Exit


As rumors continue to circulate about Kevin Costner’s future in the hit western series Yellowstone, Dawn Olivieri is ready to address the gossip.

While speaking to the Daily Mail at PaleyFest, Olivieri spoke about the possibility of Costner exiting Yellowstone. “Sometimes we have to own the fact that nothing is forever,” the actress explained. “And impermanence is the single thing we can count on. And that life is like that.”

Dawn Olivieri also said she believes Yellowstone co-creator Taylor Sheridan may surprise the show’s fans with some upcoming season 5 plot lines. “I believe Taylor to write the rollercoaster. I can trust him to do that because why else are you writing? Are you writing so that everyone feels happy and they feel good about what you’ve just done to them? That’s not why we watch Taylor Sheridan things.”

Olivieri also did not give much hope for the series’ plot by stating however Sheridan writes the scripts, it’s not going to be for the benefit of everyone watching from home. “That’s how he did it. That is never going to be the case. That’s not why he is where he is writing what he’s writing.”

Dawn Olivieri continued to speak about Kevin Costner’s future involvement with Yellowstone and said the only person who knows how Costner’s time as John Dutton will end is Taylor Sheridan.

Dawn Olivieri Talks Getting Axed on ‘Yellowstone’ Prequel ‘1883’

Meanwhile, Dawn Olivieri spoke about being killed off by Taylor Sheridan in the Yellowstone

 prequel 1883. She noted that once Sheridan sets his mind on killing a character, there is no changing his mind.

“I’ve already died once. I tried. Everyone tried to change his mind,” Olivieri recalled. She also said that producers tried to convince Sheridan to change her 1883 character’s fate. “I heard after the fact that the producers were like, ‘Don’t kill her. She’s really great. We love her character. She’s a strong addition – let’s take her farther on the train.’ He was like, ‘No I wrote her to die.’ I have succumbed to the death of that pen. It was the best for that story.”

Luckily, Olivieri’s character Sarah Atwood remains strong on Yellowstone. Despite not knowing what’s happening with the series, the actress said she sees a strong future for the western-drama franchise. “It will never stop. We are going backwards, forwards, to the side [in time] and he is touching on something that affects everybody.”

In regards to future shows in the franchise, Olivieri went on to add, “The names will change. Hotness factors will shift and Matthew McConaugheys will appear. It will just be whatever it needs to be.”


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