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5 Reasons Sister Wives Should Be Canceled

With Sister Wives season 17 done, there are questions about whether or not the TLC series should come back to film a new, more current season.


Sister Wives season 18 is currently being filmed, but questions about whether or not the series should be canceled have been brought up. TLC has had a hit on its hands since the polygamous family shot to fame in 2010. However, even though Kody Brown tried to portray his unique family as everything he ever wanted, cracks in the family’s foundation started to show.

Kody his three wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine Brown, and then-fiancee, Robyn Brown, were introduced in 2010. The family escaped in the dead of night from Lehi, Utah, fearing Kody would be arrested for polygamy. Kody decided to move his family to Las Vegas, but even after finding their cul-de-sac, the patriarch decided to uproot his family again and move to Flagstaff, Arizona. Over the year, it has been hard to ignore Kody’s flaws, like how he humors his fourth and favorite wife. The show, which has been a big hit, has drawn criticism from those who feel Kody should be removed from the series.

5, Sister Wives Is Behind



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The COVID-19 pandemic made filming any reality TV show difficult, but what really made it hard was for the Sister Wives crew to film new episodes, especially with Kody’s extreme rules that surpassed the CDC guidelines. Even though Sister Wives seasons 15,16, and 17 were eventually filmed, there’s a break in time with almost a year gap in the Brown family’s current affairs. In November 2021, it was public knowledge that Christine Brown had left Kody, but the season airing told a different story.

Sister Wives season 16 showed Christine contemplating the idea of leaving Kody and Flagstaff. The mother of six had already made her stance on moving back to Utah to be closer to her family very clear. The whole season showed Kody and Christine having multiple conversations about the state of their marriage. However, Christine broke the news of her divorce in real time on her social media.

4, Sister Wives Fans Want More From The Show

Even though the ratings for Sister Wives have been good for TLC, fans are craving a lot more than the series is currently giving. Before Sister Wives season 16 aired, the storylines between Meri, Janelle, Christine, Robyn, and Kody were interesting enough. However, once the last few seasons began streaming, many complained that the newer episodes didn’t hold a candle to the older ones. U/ksay9104 took to Reddit to add that they would have “pulled the plug” years ago.

The last good season arguably was Sister Wives season 14, when the family was arguing back and forth about the pros and cons of moving to Arizona. Meri and Kody also officially divorced after her catfishing scandal, which left the entire family in turmoil. Kody was set in his decision but really didn’t do well at explaining why he wanted to move. It was later revealed that Robyn’s son, Dayton Brown, wished to attend college out there. However, giving up the four houses on the dead-end street never made sense.

3, The Brown Children Are Grown Up



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One of the joys of watching Sister Wives from the beginning was watching each of the 18 children grow up to be amazing adults. Kody and Christine’s daughter Truely Brown was born during the series, and TLC cameras captured her many milestones. Robyn also had her two youngest children with Kody on the show.


However, the later seasons have prominently featured less of Kody’s children, and this is somewhat of a bummer. Most of the older and more interesting children have already grown into adults and started to move away. As Logan, Leon, Aspyn, Maddie, and Mykelti Brown start their own families and buy their own homes with their spouses, they are less likely to share this stage of their life on Sister Wives. The lack of a storyline for the children may help the series reach its natural conclusion.

2, Janelle & Christine Brown May Be On The Outs



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Sister Wives has been such a big hit, but now that Janelle and Christine are single, there were rumors they may start their own spin-off. Both of their journeys would be a crowd-pleaser now that they are far away from Kody’s ruling hand. If TLC were to green-light a spin-off it could have the potential to compete with Sister Wives for ratings. While this could be good for the network, it could also potentially spell disaster.

The idea of a new show starring Janelle and Christine also doesn’t work if the two mothers are on the outs. It has been alleged that since Christine started dating David Woolley, her now-fiancé, the relationship with Janelle has become icy. Even though both are posting content together regarding their Plexus business venture, Janelle is said to be disgusted with how quickly Christine has moved on from her former life.

1, Kody Brown Without Four Wives Single Hurts The Show

The whole premise of Sister Wives, according to Kody, was that he believed love should be multiplied and not divided. His strong stance on Mormon polygamy has been a driving factor for the show since it showcased a world that most Americans were unfamiliar with. For years, it’s been speculated that Robyn secretly wanted to live a monogamous lifestyle with Kody, but he never agreed to her terms. Kody often prided himself on having four wives as he felt like the king of his castle.

With Kody now officially a husband to one, the terms of Sister Wives have changed. Viewers didn’t sign up to watch a husband and a singular wife; they signed up to see one man try and live with four spouses and several children. The whole allure of the show has now been disrupted, and unless Kody can miraculously find another woman willing to marry him, it may be the end of the road for the popular TLC series. For now, Sister Wives season 18 is being filmed with Christine sharing the news, but unless the family can figure out a new hook, it may be the last one.


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