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Sister Wives: Meri Brown Shades Christine In A New Cryptic Post After Engagement News Broke Out!


Christine and Meri Brown have never been two peas in a pod. These Sister Wives always clashed because of their difference of opinion. The latter had several issues when Christine decided to part ways with Kody and saw it as a betrayal. Hence, the duo never were close to each other, leading to an estranged relationship even after both of them left Kody. But now it seems that instead of wishing her former Sister Wife luck, Meri decided to shade her in a new cryptic post!

Sister Wives: Meri Shades Christine Amid Her Engagement Announcement

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has been living aloof and is away from the Browns. It seems that she is no longer in contact with her former family. The star has been partying all night and spending time with her friends. Hence, it isn’t shocking news that Meri and Christine are not on great terms with each other because earlier also, they didn’t have a remarkable bond. Intially, the former took Christine’s divorce as a betrayal and had issues with her. But now it seems that she is even throwing shade at the former Sister Wife after she decided to move on with a new man.

Recently, Christine Brown publicly accepted that she is engaged to her boyfriend, David. Fans and several Browns were happy for her and congratulated her as well. But Meri’s way was a bit different. Instead of supporting Christine, she shared a cryptic post. The lone wolf posted a quote, “It takes grace to remain kind in cruel situations.” This came just a few hours after Christine made the huge announcement. Sister Wives fans feel that maybe the matriarch is trying to be “kind” amid Christine’s engagement which happens to be a “cruel situation” for her. However, several viewers agreed that Meri should also move on by forgiving and forgetting everything that happened in the past, just like Christine did!


Sister Wives: Meri Brown Is Blindsided By Christine’s Engagement Post!

Meri Brown is a social bee. She loves to share her daily cores on social media and is an active member. But it seems that the star was completely blindsided by Christine’s huge engagement announcement on Instagram. The lone wolf neither liked nor commented on her former Sister Wives’ post. Not only this, but it seems that the duo isn’t on talking terms as well. Evidently, they didn’t follow each other on social media and didn’t have a word about each other for a long time.

On the other hand, TheSun recently revealed that Christine’s engagement news was a shock for the Browns as well. As per the source, she didn’t disclose the news to her former family. It was a surprise for them and the audience. Perhaps only her kids were aware of their mother’s sudden engagement, while the rest got to know only from social media. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.


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