Team Beth Or Team Jamie? These Yellowstone Stars Weighed In!


The rivalry between Beth and Jamie Dutton is perhaps the most vicious on television. Tensions continue to rise between the siblings, and many people are taking sides. A few Yellowstone stars have even revealed which Dutton they’re rooting for in the second half of Season 5.

During the 2023 PaleyFest, Mo Brings Plenty gave Us Weekly a shocking answer about which team he’s on. “Honestly, I know this is gonna blow people’s minds, but I’m a fan of Jamie,” he said. “The vulnerability that he has, but also the struggles. It always seems like society — like there’s so much against him, but he’s still making his way through.”

He added that he respects the work that Wes Bentley’s Yellowstone character does for the Dutton family. “He has that strength, and so I really admire that character a lot.”

Wendy Moniz, who portrays former Montana Governor Lynelle Perry on the show, said fear might be the factor in her decision. “I mean, Lynelle was very close to Jamie in the beginning, but now she’s flipped, so it’s hard to say,” Moniz said. “As a viewer, I’m scared of Beth. So, I guess Team Beth!”


Dawn Olivieri, who plays Sarah Atwood, would side with Jamie. However, she admitted to admiring the control Beth has over powerful people. “I would say I’m Team Jamie obviously, because I am on his side,” Olivieri explained. “I’m his partner in this, but there’s almost a part of me that also would say I am Team Beth.”

However, Olivieri’s decision is also based on her character waiting for the two Dutton siblings to go after each other. She would then take on the sibling who wins out. “If I could win my game, whatever that game is, I could get Beth to take Jamie out,” she said. “And then I could take Beth out. It seems like it’d be a very easy sort of play that I could make. So, it’s a chess move, but I don’t know what’s at stake yet.”

Whose team are you on? Let us know!


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