Saying Goodbye to a Legend: Speculating on the Fate of a Major Dutton Character in ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5


Heartbreak and Hope

It’s been a while since any of the bunkhouse boys took someone to the train station, however, with tensions high and trouble everywhere ahead of Yellowstone season 5’s midseason finale, fans are predicting one character may soon earn themselves a ticket.

Taking to Reddit, a popular forum for all things Yellowstone, one fan began an interesting conversation regarding the fate of Wes Bentley‘s Jamie Dutton. They wrote, “How would john and kayce react if rip or beth send jamie to the train station?”

If you’ve followed Yellowstone from the get-go, you know the train station is just a location where characters like Rip and Lloyd dispose of troublesome cowboys and ranch hands. Yellowstone fans, after considering the events of season 5 so far, shared diverse thoughts regarding what the aftermath would look like following Jamie’s potential death.

“When Jamie and Kayce got together in one or the others office after the family massacre, remember Kayce telling Jamie ‘brothers forever’ or ‘brothers always’…something like that,” one fan recalled. Given that dialogue, they admitted, “I don’t know what would happen.”

A second Reddit user added their own commentary regarding the relationship that Bentley’s character shares with Luke Grimes‘ as we head into the latter half of Yellowstone season 5.

“Kayce still views Jamie as a brother,” they argued, “despite him being adopted. Kayce told Jamie he better still call him that the last time they spoke. I think only Beth knows that Jamie’s dad called the hit. I don’t doubt for a second Beth would blame it all on Jamie though.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Argue Reactions Would Differ Depending on How Season 5 Unfolds

In the comments following the Reddit thread, many fans claimed Kayce would stand beside Jamie to some extent, despite his past actions. Therefore, he would condemn both Rip and Beth, but in drastically different ways.


A third fan said that “If Rip did it, Kayce would probably kill him, they already don’t like each other. John probably wouldn’t care if either beth or rip did it, he only cares about himself and has directly contributed to all three of his sons being out of his life.”

Another fan also argued that John and Kayce would have drastically different reactions. However, given the events leading up through Yellowstone season 5’s seventh episode, their prediction was a little different.

“If Beth did it, John and [Kayce] would cover it up,” the Reddit user guessed. [John] would say ‘dammit Beth’, Kayce would probably try to move away again or say Beth can’t be at the main house or something. Demand that John pick him or her to inherit it all.”

On the other hand, the same commenter said that if Rip kills Jamie in Yellowstone season 5, “Kayce would either kill him or again Kayce would demand John pick, Rip leaves or he leaves.”

Overall, the possibilities surrounding Jamie’s fate, especially considering his upcoming efforts to have John impeached as governor, vary wildly. Be sure to tune in to Yellowstone season 5’s midseason finale Sunday night at 8 p.m. to see whether any of our favorite characters take a ride out to the train station.


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