Why Kelly Reilly Really Had Doubts About Playing Beth Dutton In Yellowstone


“Yellowstone” is one of the most talked-about shows on television. The drama stars Kevin Costner as ranch owner John Dutton, who is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his land and his family safe. While the entire cast is stellar, there is definitely one character that stands out above the rest when it comes to fan-favorite moments, per Cinema Blend. Beth Dutton, played by actress Kelly Reilly, has become a huge hit among viewers who can’t get enough of Beth’s sassy and strong personality, as well as her subtle emotional and loving side.

“She knows what she wants. She has waited a lifetime to be with the man she loves. She’s a loving daughter. Sure she has major flaws like anyone else (jealous, selfish, hateful towards her “enemies”), but she’s a bad a** and I love her character. I am very excited to see what happens in the long run,” one “Yellowstone” fan said of the character on Reddit, per Outsider.

While Beth is one of the strongest female characters to ever grace the small screen, Reilly said that she was a bit intimidated by the lone Dutton sister’s personality. In fact, she nearly didn’t take the role because of it.

Kelly Reilly reveals the challenges of playing Beth Dutton

“Yellowstone” star Kelly Reilly recently admitted that she was a bit hesitant to take on the role of Beth Dutton, even after the show’s creator Taylor Sheridan revealed that he knew she was the perfect person to play Beth. “I didn’t know I was Beth, it took me a while to really find her,” Reilly told Entertainment Tonight (via The Express).


“I mean she’s like stepping into a sports car, it was like how do I go from naught to 100 in three seconds,” Reilly continued. “When I first met him [Taylor Sheridan] I hadn’t found her yet, so I’m not sure what he saw. I do remember I had a wobble moment where I thought ‘I don’t know if I can’ and ‘I’m not sure I’m going to be able to pull this off,’ because it is such a tremendously complicated role.”

Although Reilly had doubts at first, she admitted that Sheridan helped her tap into the essence of the character. “I wasn’t sure if I was the right person for it and then he would fill my head and call me up at midnight and be like ‘here’s what you need to know about Beth,'” she revealed. “I have notebooks and journals, literally, I would just be writing everything down he would tell me – I still have them,” Reilly added.


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