John Wayne

John Wayne’s incredible generosity towards co-star trapped in Shirley Temple set feud


John Wayne’s co-star on Fort Apache, a film released 75 years ago, said he’d “go to hell and back” for Duke after the Hollywood legend helped him through an on-set feud involving Shirley Temple, who would have been 95 today.

Back in 1947, John Ford and John Wayne kicked off the first of their Calvary Trilogy movies in Fort Apache, which would be followed by She Wore a Yellow Ribbon and Rio Grande. The Western was filmed in the director’s favoured Monument Valley where the blazing heat, high winds and desert storms proved a challenging shoot for the cast and crew. To add to the difficult conditions, the eccentric Ford would berate and bully on set, partly to assert his dominance and also to try and squeeze out the best performances he could from his stars.


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