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‘Sister Wives’ Showrunner Teases ‘Dramatic’ Season 18: Cast ‘Still Have to Interact’ After Split


At the close of season 17 of Sister Wives , Kody Brown faced the end of three of his four marriages. But don’t count the Brown family out, says Sister Wives showrunner Chris Poole. There’s still a “dramatic” season ahead. He noted the cast “still have to interact” throughout season 18 after Christine, Meri, and Janelle Brown all left their spiritual marriages to Kody.

A lot has happened within the Brown family since the season 17 finale

Since the season 17 finale, Christine Brown settled into a new life in Utah with her daughter, Truely. She’s also been seen on social media interacting with her married children, Mykelti and Aspyn, who live nearby.

In December 2022, Christine announced she was dating David Wooley. In April 2023, the couple announced their engagement on social media.

Janelle Brown shared that she and Kody had been separated for several months during the season 17 finale. Their relationship reportedly remains in the same place today.

Janelle still lives in Flagstaff, Arizona. Her sons, Gabriel and Garrison, live in the area, and her daughter, Savannah, graduates high school this year.

As for Meri Brown, she lived in Flagstaff until recently. Her home was listed for rent , and she has reportedly updated her personal and contact information to Parowan, Utah, where her business, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, is located.

Therefore, with three of the Sister Wives moving on and Kody monogamous with Robyn Brown , can there possibly be a show worth watching during season 18? Don’t count the series out just yet, says its showrunner. There’s reportedly lots more in store for fans of the Brown family.

‘Sister Wives’ showrunner teases a ‘dramatic’ Season 18

Late in 2022, Christine’s son Paedon confirmed via Instagram Live that his mother was filming a new season of Sister Wives . He also established the new season would debut in September 2023.

In an interview for Variety , showrunner Chris Poole confirmed filming and teased what he called a “dramatic” and “interesting” new season of the TLC series. The new season will focus on the family as they navigate the highs and lows of their unique situations.

“Christine leaving the family was a massive event that shook up the entire family. But we’ve shot quite a bit of footage since then,” says Poole. “It continues to be just as interesting and dramatic because, as much as Christine’s left, Kody is still the father of her children. They still have to interact and figure that out.”


“Of course, I would love to [do spinoffs], and I think people would love to see what happens to each of them,” Poole continued. “Fortunately, we’re in a place right now where we’re covering that on Sister Wives . Nobody’s disappearing from the show.”

He concluded, “There’s always something going on. I am confident there’s always going to be something going on because they are who they are.”

So how will ‘Sister Wives’ season 18 look?

Variety reported that the family is still intact, perhaps like when all the women lived in Flagstaff with Kody Brown. However, the only twist is that two live outside of the state, and one is engaged to be legally married.

Nonetheless, Meri, Christine, and Janelle Brown’s relationships with Kody Brown continued as they had when they were still married. In Flagstaff, three of the four women were autonomous, living a single life with little interaction from their spiritual husband. Robyn, Kody’s only legal wife, lives with him and their five children full-time.

Therefore, the premise remains the same. But the twist is how Kody interacts, if at all, with Janelle and Meri, who have adult children. Christine still co-parents with Kody as Truely is underage.

Variety quoted Christine as saying, “The other day, I introduced Janelle as my sister wife. I still use those words.”

She continued, “I think what people might think is still more interesting is how does the family work after somebody leaves? How do we manage the divorce with still having sister wives? So many people get divo, work on their relationships with their exes, and learn how to take care of kids together.”

Kody legally married his first wife, Meri, in 1990. They divorced in 2014 so he could legally marry Robyn. Janelle entered the family in 1993, and Christine, who joined in 1994, separated from Kody in 2021.


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