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Sister Wives: Gwen Brown Calls Kody ‘Useless’ & Suggests He Can’t Take Care Of Children!


Sister Wives star Christine and Kody’s shared daughter Gwendlyn Brown never holds back from sharing her true thoughts. These days, she acts as the main source of gossip about the Browns. The star kid is an adult now and has her own opinion, which she never hesitates to express. Recently, Gwen got a bit nostalgic and talked about how Christine has been her core support. She further claimed that dads are “useless” because they never tend to take care of their children! Was Gwen talking about Kody? Did she throw shade at her estranged father?

Sister Wives: Does Gwen Feels Kody Was Useless? Didn’t Take Care Of Her?

Sister Wives star kid Gwendlyn Brown has always been open about her estranged relationship with her father, Kody. There have been several instances when she has candidly expressed her views about the patriarch on social media. Recently, the celeb did the same and talked about the benefits of having a polygamous lifestyle amid reviewing her family show. Apparently, in the episode, Meri Brown was discussing the “advantages” of living in a plural marriage, to which Gwen added her opinion.

In the clip, Meri Brown, who used to advocate plural marriage, claimed that a “polygamous” lifestyle has its own “benefits.” She referred to her Sister Wives and added that in plural marriages, somebody is “always” there and is “in place” if something is about to happen. Gwen quickly commented that “Dads” are “useless” and can’t even take care of their own children in the first place.

That wasn’t the first time Gwen slammed her father’s behavior. Earlier as well she referred to Kody as a “misogynist.” The star kid was glad she didn’t inherit her dad’s thinking. Gwen believed that how Kody was raised affected his mindset a lot. However, she stated that it can never be justified and can’t be used as an excuse as well!


Sister Wives: Gwen Talks About Christine Being A Stereotypical Mother

According to Gwen Brown, her mother was the one who was always present for her, whereas Kody was not. The Sister Wives star kid recently talked about how Christine has been the “stereotypical mother.” She revealed that her mother was more of a “mother mom.” On the other hand, Janelle was a “father mom” who played all the “stereotypical father roles.” Apparently, the TLC show has documented how Janelle used to go and earn for the family while her bestie used to stay at home and look after their kids.

On the other hand, Gwen has even called her father out for having “double standards” with both Christine and Janelle. She even opened up in the past about not liking Kody at all and complaining to her mother about being with a guy she doesn’t like at all. Moreover, Gwen believes that her dad wasn’t fair with Meri as well. She wondered how “manipulative” the patriarch was when it came to his divorce from the lone wolf. Hence, it seems that overall, Kody doesn’t have a great image in Gwen’s mind! Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.


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