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Sister Wives: Meri Brown Mourns The Passing Of Her Sister! #Heartbreaking


Sister Wives star Meri Brown made it to the headlines when she renounced her marriage after three decades of togetherness. She not only had a turbulent wedding with Kody but also had to deal with the loss of several family members who were close to her heart. It was evident that Meri used to share a great bond with her mother, Bonnie. But after her death, she became a lone wolf and had been trying her best to recover from the loss. Amid all this, the star shared some heartbreaking news about someone she lost in the past! .

Sister Wives: Meri Brown’s Sad Post Leaves Her Fans In Tears, Mourns Loss Of Her Sister On Her Death Anniversary!

Meri Brown had a life full of ups and downs. She shared an estranged bond with her Sister Wives while she was in a platonic relationship with her ex-husband Kody Brown. Hence, the star never had someone she could rely on completely after her mother’s death. That is the main reason she was known as the “lone wolf” of the Brown family. She couldn’t ever form a great bond with anyone in the family and preferred staying alone. Recently, Meri again took to Instagram and paid tribute to her late sister and mourned her death on social media.

Meri shared three throwback pictures of her late sister Teresa Kuntz who passed away in 2006. As per the reports, her sibling was battling with cancer which eventually took her life. Hence, the star remembered Teresa on her birthday. Meri wrote in the caption that May 2 never passed without thoughts of Kuntz. She further expressed her disappointment over how soo many “conversations” were missed and memories weren’t created because of her sister’s death. The lone wolf wished “Happy Birthday” to Teresa and concluded with the #CancerIsStupid hashtag. It was evident from Meri’s post that Kuntz’s death was a traumatic experience for her, and even after many years, the wound hasn’t healed yet.


Sister Wives: Meri Brown Lost All Rays Of Hope After Her Mother’s Death

Sister Wives show featured Meri Brown’s mother’s last funeral rites. She was really close to her mom and shared a great bond with her. The star often expresses her grief on social media by posting pictures of the matriarch. This painful incident took place in 2021 when Kody Brown, Janelle, Leon, and their fiance Audrey came to support the lone wolf. Meri admitted that she couldn’t even figure out how to handle the immense grief that came with her Bonnie’s death.

Meri admitted that she didn’t feel strong anymore and was shattered after losing Bonnie. She simply hoped that God perhaps had a better plan for her mother and has been trying to move on from the tragic experience to date. Since then, the star often shares pictures with her late mom and expresses how empty her life has become after she left. As per Meri, Bonnie was the most amazing, loving, kind, and caring woman in this world. Though she still misses the matriarch, she has been coping well with the loss now. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.


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