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Sister Wives: Why Paedon Brown Won’t Give Christine His Blessing

Paedon Brown of Sister Wives is voicing his concerns about Christine Brown's impending marriage to David Woolley, sharing she has moved too fast.


The son of Christine and Kody Brown from Sister Wives, Paedon Brown, is sharing his concerns about how he can’t accept David Woolley into the polygamous family. Paedon has been outspoken about his mother’s quick-moving relationship with the Utah contractor. Even though Christine seems happy, her only son isn’t holding back his thoughts.

The aspiring firefighter has had no qualms when it comes to sharing the Brown family’s dirty secrets, especially when he’s talking about the patriarch. For the last few months, Paedon has been putting Kody on blast, including jabbing at his parenting skills and his undeniable favoritism of his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. The Sister Wives star has had a rocky relationship with his father and has been holding a grudge against him. However, it looks like Paedon’s now aiming at Christine and her new fiancé, David.

Paedon Brown Is Against Christine Brown



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Since Christine announced she was in a relationship with David on Valentine’s Day, Paedon has walked around with a major chip on his shoulder. While his sisters, Mykelti, Apsyn, Gwen, Ysabel, and Truely Brown, all gave their blessing, Padeon is the last one to hold out on sharing his support of their union. Recently Paedon told The Sun that he would “never” support his mother’s relationship. Paedon isn’t known to support much of anything, so his opinion doesn’t come as a surprise, with the source sharing that Christine isn’t “bothered” by her son’s stance.

Christine Brown Has Found Her King In David



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Paedon has already commented on how he feels his mother is moving too fast. During a recent TikTok Live, Paedon hinted that he had no plans to become close with David after noting that Christine wasn’t close with her stepfather when she was a kid. The 24-year-old also called David out for being “standoffish.” At the time, Paedon also stated that his relationship with David would never turn violent, almost insinuating he wanted to fight his mother’s fiancé.

Christine isn’t too upset by what others might think of her relationship with David, as she already feels she has found her king. The couple has been plastering themselves all over social media. Some posts have felt like jabs towards the Sister Wives patriarch, including a photo David shared of himself and Christine eating nachos. For now, Kody has yet to speak out publicly, guarding his ex-wife’s new love life, but it’s clear Paedon has done enough talking for the both of them.


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