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‘Sister Wives’ Star Gwendlyn Brown Makes Shocking Revelation About Aspyn Brown’s Potential Spirit Baby


The concept of spirit babies has long been a topic of discussion in the Sister Wives community, with Kody Brown’s fourth wife Robyn Brown being a strong believer in the idea. However, a recent revelation from Kody’s daughter, Gwendlyn Brown has shed new light on the topic, suggesting that a spirit baby may be meant for Kody’s eldest daughter, Aspyn Brown. The revelation has left fans of the show intrigued and curious about the meaning and implications of this belief.

In a recent YouTube reaction video featured on Katie Joy’s Instagram account, @withoutacrystalball, Gwendlyn spoke about how her mother, Christine Brown, had a miscarriage before giving birth to Gwendlyn’s youngest sibling, Truely Brown. As per their religious beliefs, the miscarried baby is considered to be spiritually intended for Aspyn Brown. Aspyn is the eldest child of Kody and Christine.


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Gwendlyn says she fails to comprehend why Aspyn would desire to have children after already raising all of her younger siblings. This statement sheds light on the dynamics of the Brown family, where Aspyn often had to take on the role of caretaker for her younger siblings.

Aspyn, who married David Mitchell Thompson in 2018, has not given any indication that she plans to carry the spirit baby. Aspyn and David seem to be enjoying their life together, traveling and pursuing their passions, and it appears that they want to live their best lives before starting a family, according to TV SHOWS ACE.



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The concept of spirit babies is deeply rooted in the religion that the Brown family follows, which is the Apostolic United Brethren and fundamentalist Mormon culture. According to this belief, a spirit baby is a child that has been conceived but not yet born.


While the concept of spirit babies may seem unusual to those outside of the Brown family’s religion, it is a comforting belief for those who have experienced the loss of a child. It provides a sense of hope that the child’s spirit will one day return to be with their family.



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One of the major concerns between Kody and Christine, which dates back to when she was expecting Truely, was that Aspyn Brown had to take care of her younger siblings at a very young age while Christine was away at work. Aspyn essentially played the role of a “mom” to her siblings. However, when Kody was asked to assist with the childcare duties, he declined, which ultimately became the catalyst for their relationship’s downfall. As for the possibility of a spirit baby, Gwendlyn has offered to take it, adding to the intrigue surrounding this unique concept.

The dynamics of the Brown family have been a source of fascination for Sister Wives fans since the show premiered in 2010. The family’s unique lifestyle, which involves polygamy and a commitment to their faith, has been the subject of much discussion and debate.


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