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Kevin Costner Left Yellowstone and Doomed the Show for Very Personal Reasons


Admittedly, Kevin Costner’s questionable decisions that led to the downfall of one of the biggest shows in the world were rooted in his past mistakes and attempts to fix them.

We’re all well aware of the drama that’s been surrounding Yellowstone lately: Kevin Costner and Taylor Sheridan have been in conflict for many weeks, and this ultimately led to Yellowstone being canceled recently.

Season 5 will be the last… After it breaks out of the hiatus caused by the very same conflict.

Everything started with Kevin Costner’s schedule changes: in the middle of the season shooting, the actor declared that he’d only be available on the set for a small fracture of the time he was supposed to be.

His character, John Dutton, is absolutely key for the series, and Taylor Sheridan told him that sort of attitude just wouldn’t do.

Neither of the two was dropping his case: Sheridan wasn’t going to center the entire production around the lead actor, and Costner wasn’t ready to spend more time on the Yellowstone set.

But this is all well-known — what isn’t, though, is the reason behind Costner’s sudden decision to ditch the hit series.

According to the most recent insiders’ info, it all began when the conflict inside Costner’s marriage emerged.

The actor’s wife Christine got tired of not having her husband around and presented Kevin with an ultimatum to reduce his work hours and spend more time with her and their three children back home.


Sources claim it was Christine’s ultimatum that led to Costner dramatically reducing his hours on the set of Yellowstone.

However, the actor didn’t follow through with his decision: instead of using this free time to spend it with the family, he dedicated it entirely to his own movie project, Horizon… That pissed Christine off.

You’ve likely heard what happened next. Christine filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences,” and now the trial’s underway.

For Kevin Costner, it was a huge and unexpected blow; for his wife, it was the logical conclusion as according to the sources, she’s been fed up with her husband’s absence and ego for years now.

Kevin Costner’s obsession with fame and “Hollywood legacy” resulted in both his biggest project, Yellowstone, and his marriage falling apart.

Reportedly, he’s crushed by the realization and is now desperately trying to find a way to fix both — but since the show is canceled and the divorce papers are filed, it doesn’t seem like there’s much room for hope there.


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