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Sister Wives: Christine Brown Reveals Stunning Natural Skin In No-Makeup Look!


Sister Wives star Christine Brown is preparing to walk down the aisle with her new beau David Woolley. Lately, she has been gushing over her newfound love and often flaunts her chemistry with her fiance. Recently, the celeb shocked the world with her engagement ring and fast-track romance. Though there were controversies about Christine rushing into her relationship, she doesn’t pay heed to any criticism. Amid all this, she recently showed off her natural beauty in her no-makeup look, while fans couldn’t believe how stunning she looked even without makeup!

Sister Wives: Fans Are In Awe Of Christine’s Natural Beauty

Christine Brown is a popular name in the reality TV world. Her appearance on Sister Wives has gained her a massive fan following. Apparently, she appears on national television, and makeup is a common part of their routine. Hence, it’s rare when fans are able to spot stars without any cosmetics and only with their natural skin. However, it seems that Christine has no issues flaunting her natural beauty. She recently took to Instagram and talked about her “laugh lines” as well.



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Christine revealed that she had turned 51 now. She surely has some visible signs of aging as well. Indeed, fine lines are a thing that is inevitable when it comes to aging. Hence, the star admitted that now she should start using some kind of “anti-aging” stuff. Fans were in awe of Christine’s beauty as she seemed to have really clear and glowy skin naturally. In another instance, she posted some selfies when she walked Truely to her school. It was evident that she either used bare minimum makeup or abstained from it completely. As Christine’s wedding is close, perhaps she is focusing on her skincare routine more to avoid any damage to her skin with makeup usage.


Sister Wives: Christine Brown & Gwen Will Walk Down The Aisle Together?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown’s fast-track romance has made it clear that she is on the verge of walking down the aisle. She has even talked about her wedding dress and has asked her viewers to help her out as well. This all is happening just before the celeb’s daughter Gwen is also about to exchange vows with her girlfriend. Apparently, now viewers have started to wonder if Christine would get married before her daughter or after her! However, several fans agreed that she wouldn’t steal Gwen’s thunder by tieing her nuptial knot before her kid.

This leads to a popular fans theory that claims Christine and Gwen would walk down the aisle together. Lately, there have been speculations about the mother-daughter duo. Now viewers have started to wonder if Christine and her daughter are planning to create a memorable moment in the history of the reality realm by exchanging vows under the same alter. Though this is just a rumor, it sounds interesting. Do you also believe the same? Do let us know in the comments. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.


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