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Sister Wives: Production Schedule Reveals Dramatic Spoilers for the Upcoming Season


“Sister Wives” has been a popular reality show since its debut in 2010, featuring Kody and his four wives as they navigate their lives together and raise their eighteen children. However, the last two seasons of the show focused on the disintegration of the Browns’ relationships. As the show prepares to air its 18th season, fans are curious about what new developments will be featured.

Sister Wives: What Will Happen In Season 18?

As “Sister Wives” moves forward, fans are curious about how the show will document the Browns’ lives now that Christine, Janelle, and Meri have all moved away from Kody and are living in different cities. However, TLC is still filming the family in various locations. Christine has revealed that she is filming in her new house in Utah, where she is also spending time with her new partner, David Woolley. Janelle lives in Flagstaff, Arizona, and plans to move into an RV, which may also be documented in the show. Kody and Robyn are still in Salt Lake, navigating their monogamous marriage, while Meri has relocated to Parowan, Utah, where locals have reported sightings of a camera crew. It remains to be seen how the show will capture the Brown family’s new lives in Season 18.

Recently, Christine revealed that she has started filming in her new house now. As per the current scenario, she is in Utah and is busy with her new beau, David Woolley. Hence, there is a fair chance that her new romance will be a part of Season 18. On the other hand, Janelle lives in Flagstaff, Arizona, and is planning to shift to an RV now. So, the network would perhaps film her new life in the vehicle as well.


Moving on to Kody and Robyn, they are still in Salt Lake dealing with their monogamous marriage. Hence, their new lifestyle would also be a part of Season 18. Moreover, Meri Brown has left Arizona and is in Parowan, Utah. Several locals claimed that the lone wolf and her ex-husband were often accompanied by a “camera crew.” Hence, there is a fair chance that all these clips will be compiled in the upcoming show.

Sister Wives: Will There Be A Spinoff Soon?

Sister Wives fans were demanding a spinoff of Janelle and Christine. They wanted to watch this iconic duo sharing the screen again. Hence, several rumors claimed that the makers were considering making a spinoff that primarily focused on the stars’ life after divorce. But it seems that the makers are not considering having another show, at least for now. Recently, Chris Poole (the showrunner for Sister Wives) and Howard Lee (president of Discovery Networks and TLC) revealed some crucial information about Sister Wives to Variety.

As per Chris and Howard, there is a clear opportunity of creating a spinoff. But for now, they are more focused on Season 18 of the show. Evidently, all the Browns are scattered that are living significantly different lives. But instead of documenting them in a different show, they are filming the content for the upcoming season itself. Moreover, they believe that the Browns have the capacity to keep the show going and are capable of providing content as well. Hence, for now, the makers are focusing on the original show. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.


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