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Sister Wives: Kody Brown Was Portrayed As Having Better Communication Skills Than Christine


Christine Brown, one of Kody Brown’s wives on “Sister Wives,” is reportedly preparing to tie the knot again with David Woolley, after leaving her previous toxic marriage. However, some fans of the show disapprove of Christine’s new relationship and have begun to praise Kody for his communication skills, which they believe are better than Christine’s.

As always, viewers of “Sister Wives” will be watching closely to see how Christine’s new relationship unfolds and how the rest of the family reacts to the news.

Sister Wives: Kody Took His Time With Robyn’s Other Kids! Christine Forcing Her Kids To Form A Bond With Her Fiance, David Woolley!

On “Sister Wives,” fans are aware that Robyn Brown was previously married and had three children before marrying Kody Brown. Kody is praised for taking his time to develop a good bond with Robyn’s adult children and not forcing himself onto them. In 2015, he adopted them, five years after spiritually marrying Robyn. While viewers may not always praise Kody, they respect him for his gentle approach towards Robyn’s children from her previous marriage.

On the other hand, Christine Brown’s relationship has been fast-paced from the very beginning. She began dating David Woolley in January 2023. She then introduced him to the world through her Instagram around Valentine’s Day in February. Then, by April, the new couple also announced their engagement, and they will most likely get married this year itself. Many Sister Wives fans were appalled at this. Christine has often shared pictures of her kids spending time with her and David, especially Truely, her youngest daughter.


Despite Christine Brown’s efforts to involve her children in her relationship with David Woolley, some “Sister Wives” fans have noticed Truely’s body language in recent pictures and feel that she may be pulling away from her future stepfather. Fans have speculated that Christine may be forcing her children to have a relationship with David, and some feel that this is something she may be doing wrong. In contrast, Kody was praised for taking his time to develop a bond with Robyn’s adult children and not forcing himself onto them.


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