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Sister Wives: Paedon Brown Disapproves Of Christine’s Fast-Paced Relationship? Threatened David Woolley?


Paedon Brown, the only son of Christine Brown from “Sister Wives,” has voiced his concerns over his mother’s new relationship with David Woolley. Paedon is known for his candid opinions about his family and doesn’t hold back his views. He expressed that he believed his mother was rushing into the new relationship, despite being happy for her. Paedon wanted to make sure that Christine was aware of his feelings towards her and David.

Paedon’s concerns were echoed by some “Sister Wives” fans who had noticed Truely, Christine’s youngest daughter, pulling away from David in recent pictures. Some fans felt that Christine was forcing her children to have a relationship with David, while others believed that the relationship was moving too quickly. Nonetheless, Christine and David seem to be happy together and are preparing to tie the knot later this year.

As always, fans of “Sister Wives” will be following closely to see how Christine’s new relationship with David unfolds and how her children adjust to the changes in their family dynamic.


During his video expressing concerns about his mother’s new relationship with David Woolley, Paedon Brown mentioned that he would not hit David, which confused some “Sister Wives” fans as it seemed out of context. It became apparent that Paedon was not accepting David as his future stepfather and was not willing to make an effort to have a close relationship with him.

This has raised concerns among some fans who fear that Paedon’s attitude towards David may cause tension within the family. As Christine prepares to marry David later this year, viewers of the show will be watching closely to see how the family dynamics evolve and how the rest of the family adjusts to the changes.


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