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‘Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown Pinterest Post ‘for Kody’ Says to ‘Treat Him as a King’ 4 Years Before Calling Him Her ‘Best Customer’


Sister Wives star Robyn Brown pinned a Pinterest post about her husband, Kody Brown, which includes a message to wives about how to treat their husbands, The reality television star, who is Kody’s legal wife, shared a message to “treat him as a king” four years ahead of calling him her “best customer” on season 17’s finale recap. This post was pinned to a board titled “For Kody,” along with other romantic and religious statements revealing her innermost feelings.

‘Sister Wives’ star Robyn Brown has a Pinterest board with over 100 messages dedicated to Kody Brown

Robyn Brown has not been active on Twitter since April 2021. Her last Instagram post was in 2019.

Therefore she uses Pinterest to share her thoughts and ideas with her 4.13K followers. However, all her posts revolve around her love for her husband, Kody Brown.

Of all the many elements within Robyn’s Pinterest board, one appeared to stick out more than the others. This post seems to reveal her true feelings regarding her marriage to Kody.

Originally posted to the website Family Share, it contains the following message. “Husbands, too, deserve to be spoiled. Told they are handsome. Told their efforts are appreciated and should also be made to feel secure.”

It continued, “If he is doing his best to treat you like a queen, do your best to treat him as a king. His need to feel loved and appreciated is real.”

This post came four years ahead of Robyn Brown calling Kody her ‘best customer’ on the ‘Sister Wives’ tell-all

Robyn spoke of her marriage to Kody as akin to discussing a business deal. She called him her “best customer” during season 17’s tell-all episode.

She said, “They’re not looking at it like, ‘Oh, in my marriage, I’m going to treat this person like my best customer.’ In my marriage, when I have a problem, I’m not going to call him a name. I’m not going to hit below the belt, and I’m not going to treat him like crap. I’m not going to do the silent treatment,” she said.


“I don’t like being pushed around. I say my truth and speak to him because, like, he’s my best customer. And I expect him to treat me the same way. And I’m not going to apologize for it anymore.”

She continued, “I’m tired of feeling bad that I have a good relationship with Kody when other people don’t. That’s on them. They need to figure that out,” Robyn continued.

What is the status of the ‘Sister Wives’ family today?

This announcement came on the heels of Christine Brown’s exit from the Brown family. She moved to Utah and began a new life with her daughter Truely Brown.

Christine has since announced her engagement to David Wooley. The couple began dating in 2022.

Meri Brown, Kody’s first legal wife, shared a statement with Kody in January 2023 about their relationship status. Us Weekly shared the full statement ahead of Meri’s move to Utah.

“In light of a recent unapproved press release, we feel compelled to share our own truth, in our own way, and in our own timing,” the former couple wrote. “After more than a decade of working on our relationship in our own unique ways, we have decided to terminate our marriage relationship permanently.”

Kody remains in a monogamous relationship with Robyn Brown, his fourth and only legal wife. Their spiritual marriage first took place in 2010. The couple officially wed in 2014.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus. New episodes of the TLC series are expected to air in the fall of 2023.


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