The Redemption of John Dutton and Rip: How ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Scene Transformed Their Image


“Yellowstone” fans are still talking about Sunday’s episode and it is certain to have ramifications as season four hit the home stretch.

But it isn’t just fans talking about the latest “Yellowstone” episode. A new edition of “Stories From the Bunkhouse” hit social media earlier today and it brings the goods. The 10-minutes video features “Yellowstone” actors recapping the recent action and previewing what is to come. Jefferson White (Jimmy), Ian Bohen (Ryan) and Denim Richards (Colby) share their thoughts on all things “Yellowstone” in these videos. It is a fun way to get caught up on recent Dutton Ranch activities and tides over fans until the next episode arrives.

Everyone is talking about episode eight and specifically the way it ended on a real cliffhanger. John Dutton and Rip Wheeler disrupt a robbery as they bust out the guns and battle some bad guys. The criminal activity is taking place inside a diner where Sheriff Haskell tries to talk sense a man holding a young girl hostage at gunpoint. John and Rip get there just in the nick of time, but not before Haskell is shot and killed. The bunkhouse crew debates if this particular scene changes how fans see John and Rip.

“The scene at the diner exemplifies their choice to do good and put people’s needs over their own,” Bohen chimes. “They put themselves in danger.”

Richards then asks the question that most “Yellowstone” fans have long asked themselves. “Does this make John and Rip the good guys?” he says. “I think bad people can do good things.”


A unique concept to “Yellowstone” is that there are blurry lines between the protagonists and antagonists. It is up to the viewers to decide who is good or bad, right or wrong.

‘Yellowstone’ Stars Share Thoughts on Diner Scene Meaning

It certainly appears that John and Rip had good intentions going into the diner with guns blazing. As is often the case with “Yellowstone,” however, it isn’t that cut and dry.

“Along the way, there’s been all this violence,” White says. “It feels like because they live this life because they participate in this violence — everywhere they go — they find it.”

Episode eight ends in the diner and episode nine may begin in the diner. This scene is far from over it looks like this diner may play a big role in the future of “Yellowstone.”

A trailer for the next episode shows us that not only are Rip and John in the diner — Garrett Randall is there too. It looks like we are going to get the highly-anticipated first meeting of John Dutton and Garrett Randall.

If that doesn’t get you excited for this Sunday night’s new episode, then nothing will. “Yellowstone” fans can’t wait to see where the scenario takes us.


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