Cole Hauser shares his favorite raunchy ‘Yellowstone’ lines – and we can’t get enough


Cole Hauser is Yellowstone‘s dreamy, handsome, rough-and-tumble cowboy who has wrangled our hearts from the first episode, keeping them close ever since. The moment we met him as Rip Wheeler we knew there was something dynamic about the character. From his show-stealing scenes to the quotes fans adore, Hauser brings a lot to the Dutton dinner table — even if the love of Rip’s life, Beth, hates sitting at it.

With everything from romantic declarations to snarky conversations, fans have often wondered what some of Hauser’s favorite scenes to act are, and we’ve been treated to the answer thanks to WFAA‘s Matt Howerton.

When Howerton spoke with Hauser, he asked the hard-hitting question. What is Hauser’s favorite line of dialogue? With so many one-liners coming from Rip Wheeler, his response is everything fans could have hoped for and dreamed of: Vulgar, fantastic, rough and tumble — just as cowboy chatter should be.

“Howerton: What’s your favorite line that [show creator Taylor Sheridan] has written for you that you said on set?”

Hauser: “F— you.”

Howerton: “That’s your favorite one?”

Hauser: “Yeah. I love when he’s like, “Jimmy, f— you,” or Shut the f— up, Jimmy.” But it’s endearing, though. It’s just Rip’s way. And I think Taylor and I, there’s this real serious kind of part of the both of us, and I think we get the humor of it. And I think what’s amazing is that people got the humor of that relationship with Rip and Jimmy, which was surprising, I think, to us, because they were like, ‘God, they’re going to think Rip is such an a–hole.’ But it actually worked the opposite, which was pretty wild. Listen, it’s tough love, man. What’s missing in this country. So it’s good to see Taylor write it, and Jeff White (the actor who plays Jimmy on Yellowstone) and I act it.”


Not only does Hauser love sprinkling some vulgarity into a conversation, he especially loves that it’s taking place in scenes with Jimmy, played by the talented Jefferson White. The actor brings a lot to the table as a character who fans saw grow up and mature into a profoundly motivated and sensitive man, and his relationship with Wheeler grew too. They’re both sarcastic and deeply indebted to the ranch for different but similar reasons; John saved them in different ways and for unique reasons, but he knew what he was doing each time.



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So when Yellowstone‘s fifth season returns for part two, be sure to look out for those lines when Rip sprinkles in an f-bomb or two; they’ll undeniably be favorites of Hausers and also favorites of the fans who adore him.


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