1923’s Teonna Actor Reveals Biggest Hope For Character In Season 2

1923's Teonna actor, Aminah Nieves, reveals her biggest hope for the character in season 2, which involves exploring more of her personality.


1923 star Aminah Nieves reveals her biggest hope for Teonna in season 2. The Yellowstone prequel has followed several storylines, including the survival of Nieves’ character, a young Indigenous American woman who suffered cruel mistreatment from Father Renaud (Sebastian Roché) and the Catholic boarding school she was placed in. As the series progressed, Teonna Rainwater began to rebel, escaping and finding refuge with Hank Plenty Clouds (Michael Greyeyes), and her journey will likely be an important part of 1923 season 2.

In a recent interview with TV Line, Nieves explained that while Teonna has been fighting throughout most of the series, she hopes some of her character’s wit can be explored in future episodes. The actor revealed that Teonna is “smart in all the ways,” adding that part of her personality was teased in the season 1 finale. Read Nieves’ comments regarding Teonna in 1923 season 2 below:

“Yeah. I think you kind of saw a little tiny piece of it when she was talking with Pete [in the Season 1 finael]. She’s still exploring what it is to be a child and how that feels and looks like to her, but she’s a little sassy one, man. [Laughs] She’s smart, you know what I’m saying? She’s smart in all the ways. She’s smart-mouthed a tiny bit. She likes to ruffle some feathers in the best possible way. I really hope that you can just see some of the comedy behind her, the subtle comedy that she has within herself, in Season 2. But who knows, man? Who f–king knows? …I want you guys to see all of her in Season 2. I’m just praying. But she’s witty, man. Teonna’s very witty.”

How Teonna’s Circumstances Shaped Her In 1923 Season 1

Teonna was taken from her family and put into the boarding school, where she was forced to learn a different culture through strict instruction, along with abuse from those in charge. When she was introduced in 1923

, she appeared strong-minded and resistant, engaging in a physical altercation with Sister Mary (Jennifer Ehle). Teonna had many difficult scenes involving beatings, including one where she was repeatedly smacked as a result of standing up for another young Indigenous girl. She eventually decided to run away, killing Sister Mary and Sister Alice (Kerry O’Malley) before doing so.

Teonna had to fend for herself prior to meeting Hank, who intended to locate Runs His Horse (Michael Spears) for her. After Hank was murdered by priests, she was rescued by his son Pete Plenty Clouds (Cole Brings Plenty), along with her father. The scene Nieves touched on, in which Teonna and Pete talked, saw the two establish a bit of a connection and when told not to fall in love while being pursued by Father Renaud, she grabbed his hand and later kissed him on the cheek.

With everything Teonna experienced during 1923 season 1, it is easy to forget just how young she is, and it will be interesting to see where Nieves’ character is headed next. Her story was one of the more compelling parts of 1923 and there is still a lot left to explore, including her potential relationship with Pete and where she is able to go with Father Renaud trying to track her down. Those eager to hopefully learn more about Teonna’s personality can be sure to tune into 1923 season 2 when it returns.


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