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Are Sister Wives Stars Janelle And Christine Brown Feuding Over David?


TLC fans have recently noticed that Janelle Brown from Sister Wives has been spending a lot of time in Utah. This has led to speculation as to whether she’s been visiting Christine or if they’re actually feuding over Christine’s fiance David Woolley. Should fans take the feuding rumors with a pinch of salt? Read on to find out.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Travels To Utah

Janelle Brown is known for her love of traveling and her close friendship with Christine Brown. In recent months, however, it appears that their relationship has grown distant. Coincidentally, that started following Christine’s engagement to David Woolley. Janelle’s visits to Utah provide her with opportunities to catch up with Christine, but fans rarely see the two women together these days. Recently, Janelle attended Christine’s granddaughter Avalon Padron’s birthday party, However, there have been way fewer photos of the two women together.

Sister Wives fans started speculating about the current state of Janelle and Christine’s relationship. According to a recent report, Janelle feels that Christine has abandoned the “sister wives” pact as she has been spending a lot of time with her fiance David Woolley. Janelle is said to feel the distance between them as a result of Christine’s new relationship. But really, isn’t it more likely that she’d celebrate Christine’s new-found love? After all, she supported her in the past. In fact, she apparently knew that Christine wanted out of Kody’s life before they even move to Flagstaff.


If Sister Wives Star Janelle Feuds With Chrstine Why Have Fun?

This weekend, Janelle took to her Instagram account to share that she was on her way to Moab, Utah. In the caption, she mentioned that she worked out before making the trip. Additionally, she shared that she was catching up with “Christine, Savanah, David, and some friends.” She even mentioned that they would be playing together, suggesting there was no feud between her and

Coincidentally, Christine shared some photos of Truely with David and Truely in scenery that looks very much like Moab. Notably, though, the two Sister Wives stars didn’t include each other in their photos. Perhaps the rumors of a feud over David Woolley are just drama to spice up the new season of the show. After all, TLC is well known for its successful efforts to create a big something out of a nothing burger.

Living In Her Trailer

Sister Wives star Janelle has set up her trailer and Gabe helped her to learn the ropes. Perhaps she moved to Utah temporarily to be closer to Christine this summer. What do you think? Shout out in the comments below.


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