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Sister Wives: David Woolley Lets Christine Be A Sister Wife Despite Wanting To Marry Her?


Christine Brown depicted her fair share of struggles on the show Sister Wives. She was in a fix trying to navigate her troubled marriage with Kody and eventually decided to part ways. This meant she didn’t just leave the polygamist husband but the rest of the plural family too. After enjoying her singlehood for a year and finding love again, Christine is finally happy. Now that she is with her fiance, David Woolley, it looks like he is okay with his lady love still being a Sister Wife! How is that possible?

Sister Wives: Fans Feel David Wants Christine To Continue Being A Sister Wife!


Christine Brown and David Woolley have been making headlines ever since they made their romance public. It is pretty evident that the duo is head over heels in love. That’s why after just four months of dating, they decided to tie the knot and also announced their engagement. Fans were skeptical of their relationship and wondered if the rest of Christine’s family would accept David this soon or not. Well, she put an end to these rumors by posting about the family’s recent out ings



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After David got to meet Christine’s daughters, he then met his best friend, Janelle. Apparently, the former second wife and her youngest daughter Savannah were with the new couple. All of them were in Moab National Park, Utah, riding RZRs. Hence, fans feel that David still approves of Christine being a Sister Wife, as per starcasm. He decided to spend a vacation with them. But it was a known fact that Christine and Janelle were closer than ever to each other. Thus, fans were happy to see that David is also becoming part of their friendship and spending time with the besties.


Sister Wives: David Woolley Trying To Impress The Browns With His Money?

Sister Wives fans have been quick enough to observe that Christine and David often go on trips when they are together. They have already taken the former’s daughter Truely multiple times to Disneyland, along with Ysabel joining them once too. Then, another source reported that the couple had already purchased a house in Lehi, Utah, to move into after their marriage. It was worth $770,000. Because of these reasons, fans are sure that David is very well off financially.

The fact that David and Christine again went on vacation with Janelle and Savannah proves that they like living a luxurious life. Hence, speculation suggests that the husband-to-be is trying his best to impress the rest of Christine’s family with his money. In fact, his engagement ring was also worth $70,000 as it was 2.5 carats! Hence, all these reasons imply that Woolley is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to impressing the rest of the Browns. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives updates.


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