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‘Sister Wives’ Nearly Canceled: Saved By Meri Brown, How?


Given Kody Brown’s lack of wives, there are a lot of viewers who think TLC should cancel Sister Wives. After all, the whole premise of the show was to give the outside world a look at how a plural family functions. Other fans, however, live for the drama and want to know how a plural family continues to move forward after most of the wives leave the husband.

Turns out, there was a very strong possibility of Sister Wives being canceled by TLC. Surprisingly, it was none other than Kody’s first wife, Meri, who ended up saving the show from being canceled. How exactly did Meri Brown save the show when she’s arguably been split from Kody longer than any of his other wives? Keep reading for the surprising information!

Sister Wives Nearly Canceled: Saved By Meri Brown

During an extensive interview with VarietySister Wives showrunner Chris Poole reveals the series was nearly canceled a while back. It was none other than Meri Brown who saved the show from cancelation. Turns out, the infamous catfish scandal (that most fans of the TLC series loathe hearing about) was a real turning point for the reality TV series.

Chris Poole admits that the catfish scandal ultimately saved the series from getting canceled.

After the Sister Wives family sat down roots in Las Vegas, Chris Poole admits the showrunners were not really sure where to go. The “big drama” came to an end and they really weren’t sure if there was any story left to tell.

Shockingly, Meri Brown’s catfishing scandal ended up being a gift to production as it provided an interesting storyline for the showrunners to dig into for several seasons.


Chris Poole admitted that every time production thought there was no story left to tell, drama somehow continued to find this family. For example, the pandemic blew the door wide open when it forced a close-knit family to live separate lives with suffocating rules that only further caused problems.

Will Meri Continue To Be With The Show?

Sister Wives fans don’t exactly have high expectations for Meri Brown to continue to play a huge role in the show after she finally came to terms with the fact that she was no longer married to Kody. In fact, it has been reported that Meri moved into her B&B and doesn’t want much to do with the show anymore. Between her B&B and her MLM empire, fans suspect she doesn’t need the TLC paycheck the same way fans believe Kody and Robyn need theirs.

Does it surprise you to learn the catfish scandal was a real turning point for this TLC series? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TLC news.


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