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10 Times Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Shaded Ex Kody On & Offscreen

There have been multiple times over the years when Meri Brown of Sister Wives shaded her now ex-husband, Kody Brown both on and off screen.


Meri Brown of Sister Wives has tried her best to back her former husband Kody Brown for years, but as their relationship began to fail, the mother of one began to throw some shade. Meri has never been a fan-favorite among viewers, mainly due to her selfish ways. For years, she refused to leave the polygamous family out of spite and instead made sure to insert herself into the drama.

Meri had a long-standing history with Kody and the rest of her family. As the patriarch’s first wife, she expected to be held on a pedestal, but was quickly dethroned. The couple married in 1990, and were madly in love for a few months. However, Kody ventured out to find a new wife to add to the family. With Meri only being able to give Kody one child, he soon became bored with her. During their time in Las Vegas, Meri had an affair, which Kody couldn’t recover from. This past December, Kody and Meri revealed they went their separate ways, finally ending their union.

10, Meri Doesn’t Seem To Think That Kody’s Up To Her Standards



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Ever since Meri decided to live the single life, she’s been subtly shading her ex-husband. In a recent post, the Lizzie’s Heritage Inn owner noted that Kody was never up to her standards, as she wrote she would never apologize for that. “People who really want to be in your life will rise up to meet them,” Meri wrote. Even though she never addressed Kody directly, Meri was clearly aiming at the Sister Wives stars since he failed time after time to compromise with her.

Meri often asked and begged Kody to reinvest time into their struggling relationship. She would often bake him his favorite food, Rice Krispie treats, and send cute moments to remind him how much she cared. Sadly, Kody never seemed to get the memo, as he pushed Meri farther and farther away in order to make a life with his fourth and favorite wife, Robyn Brown.

9, Meri Brown Didn’t Wish Kody A Happy Father’s Day In 2020

Not one of Kody’s spouses wished him a Happy Father’s Day last June, and the silence was deafening. Instead, Meri chose to honor her father who passed away 13 years ago, noting his kindness. Meri also noted her father’s immense loyalty in her post, something that Kody lacked as a personality trait.

Even though it’s safe to assume Kody probably spent the day with Robyn, neither Meri, Janelle, Christine Brown, nor his 18 children even acknowledged his existence on the one day of the year dedicated to fathers. The lack of a shout-out makes sense, since Robyn and Kody have been living a monogamous lifestyle for some time now, and he doesn’t seem interested in his older wives anymore. Because of this, they shouldn’t waste their time extending an olive branch.

8, Sister Wives Star Meri Blames Kody For… Everything

Meri has never had an issue putting the blame for the failing marriage on Kody. The Sister Wives star revealed she was crushed when Kody shared during the Tell-All that he no longer considered himself married to his first wife. He noted that he would be okay if she chose to move on with her life with a different man. According to In Touch, Kody has never shown Meri respect when it came to their marriage. The brutally honest words from Kody just gave Meri more of an excuse to dislike him. For years she could be seen trying, but Kody never put in the same amount of effort in return.

7, Meri Got Mad At Fans, Too (Did They Shame Her Into Leaving Kody Brown?)

Being a reality TV star means that it’s inevitable that fans will share their opinions, whether they’re warranted or not. However, Meri had just about enough from her followers this past November, and lashed out at them for their unkind words. Sister Wives

 fans were annoyed that at the time, Meri was still sticking by Kody’s side, with many pointing out their flaws. Meri shut down the haters, noting she was shocked at how “mean” people could be.

6, Meri Got Cryptic Again After Split With Kody

Soon after her split from Kody, Meri took to Instagram to post an extremely cryptic message that not all was what it seemed. While hiding her face behind an old leather journal, Meri insinuated that there was more to the story about her and Kody’s demise. Meri tried to explain that people often accept versions of the truth, but her message got lost in translation with most Sister Wives fans wishing she would just out Kody for his bad behavior.

5, Meri Doesn’t Think Kody Appreciated What She Brought To The Table

According to an Instagram Story, Meri tried to share that Kody never really appreciated what she brought to the table as his first wife. Meri laid it all on the line, as she revealed she knew her truth and everything she’s done as a spouse. There’s no denying that Meri did bring in money to the family, and often would be one of the supportive voices by Kody’s side.

4, Meri Has Lived & “Learned”

In another Instagram Story, Meri shared she had certainly learned her fair share of lessons since separating for Kody and his toxic, narcissistic personality. Meri shared she learned that keeping opinions of others close to her chest is called “Class.” However, it was hard to ignore the fact that the Sister Wives star was obviously calling out Kody for talking about her.

3, Meri Appears To Call Out Kody’s “Internal Struggle”

One of Meri’s all time shady posts regarding Kody was when she shared in her IG story that the patriarch had possibly abused her during their time as a married couple. In January, Meri shared a quote that read, “When you finally learn that a person’s behavior has more to do with their internal struggle than it ever did with you.” Again, Meri failed to mention Kody by name, but it was apparent she was going for the jugular.

2, Meri Didn’t Exactly Appreciate Kody’s “Patriarchy” Remark

During the recent season of Sister Wives, Kody made a remark so stunning, it shocked viewers and his wives alike. During the uncomfortable scene, the father of 18 told his remaining three wives that he would be returning to “patriarchy.” It doesn’t seem like Meri took too kindly to the change, as she wasted no time in posting a cryptic quote in response, saying a person should “know who they are.”

1, Meri Considered Writing A Tell-All Expose

The payback of all paybacks could be that Meri is thinking about writing a Tell-All book that would put Kody on blast. For months, Meri has been hinting to Sister Wives fans that something was in the works, often posting herself with a book in front of her face. However, nothing has materialized yet, but if and when it does, Meri will surely be spilling all of her marriage bed secrets.


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