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Gwendlyn Brown believes ‘Sister Wives’ fame fueled dad Kody Brown’s shift towards being ‘more patriarchal’


UTAH, UNITED STATES:  Kody Brown, a name frequently seen in the media, consistently grabs attention with his contentious remarks. In a memorable moment from ‘Sister Wives’ Season 1, Episode 8, Gwendyln, Kody’s daughter from his relationship with Christine, astutely observed a notable change in her father’s ideology, shifting from an emphasis on equality to a more patriarchal approach.

As she recollected the episode, Gwendyln candidly expressed her disappointment with her father’s attempt to introduce patriarchy into their family dynamics, particularly after being called out for promoting equality. According to her, Kody had never truly exhibited such patriarchal tendencies before, making this sudden alteration all the more disheartening.

Gwendlyn Brown explains Kody Brown’s shift from equality to ‘more patriarchal’

In the captivating Season 1 finale of ‘Sister Wives’, the spotlight shone brightly on the Brown family as they engaged in an interview with NBC’s Natalie Morales. Amidst the discussion, Gwendlyn astutely observed a striking transformation in her father, Kody, triggered by the heightened media attention surrounding their unconventional lifestyle. She pointed out that he had transitioned from being an equal partner to his wives to assuming a more patriarchal role.

As the interview progressed, Kody, while discussing his relationships, candidly expressed his lack of apprehension about them, but instead revealed his anxiety concerning America’s acceptance of his lifestyle. With introspection, he mused, “Maybe this guy is patriarchal narcissistic and he loves women to worship him,” but swiftly clarified that this characterization did not apply to him personally. In response, Gwendlyn expressed her contentment, acknowledging that she finds solace in the realization that “patriarchalness isn’t the greatest.” Kody’s insightful remark about patriarchy and narcissism served as a foreshadowing of the tumultuous events that would unfold over the years. His subsequent attempts to enforce a patriarchal structure within the family ultimately led him down a path of becoming a severe narcissist in the last season—a development that caught Janelle off guard, as it was certainly not what she had signed up for.


Gwendlyn Brown gets upset with Kody Brown calling his wives ‘chicks’

During the same episode, Kody drew attention by referring to his wives as ‘chicks’. When the topic of Christine’s bedroom scene with the other wives arose, she emphasized that it was a personal aspect of their lives and extended beyond just the physical aspect of sex, highlighting the importance of their collective effort in raising a family.

Gwendlyn expressed admiration for Christine’s assertiveness in leading the conversation, finding it highly impressive. However, as the discussion delved deeper into this matter, Kody remarked, “Chicks don’t understand that a guy can have four best friends,” reiterating his preference for referring to his wives as his best friends. Gwendlyn, becoming upset with Kody’s choice of words, voiced her dissatisfaction with him labeling his wives and her mother and stepmothers as ‘chicks’.


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