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Kevin Costner’ new photo ruined Yellowstone fans’ patience


Yellowstone is currently keeping fans on hold. Although it was announced that the Paramount Network series would return at the end of the year with the possibly presence of Kevin Costner, the actor has just disappointed fans with his most recent publication, and production on the final episodes of season 5 has not yet begun.

As far as American major dramas go, Yellowstone has the highest ratings. Taylor Sheridan and Kevin Costner‘s cowboy series was the most popular show in that country in 2022. Since its launch on the Paramount Network in 2018, it has continued to break barriers in many other areas as well.

The hit series, which follows millionaire rancher John Dutton and his ongoing conflicts with those who want to take over vast tracts of Yellowstone ranch land, it premiered its season 5 in mid-November 2022 and its first part culminated with episode 8 which aired on January 1 of this year.. It’s been almost four months since then, and the uncertainty of the show’s return due to the conflict between Kevin Costner and the producer has fans worried.

A few days ago, Paramount Network announced that the final episodes of season 5 will be the last for Yellowstone. With Kevin Costner leaving the show as John Dutton, it’s still unclear if he’ll return to film the rest of the fifth installment. According to sources, the star wants to make sure what the fate of his character will be and if he considers it appropriate, he could return to the set to close the story of the owner of the largest ranch in the United States.

The truth is that fans are hoping to see the return of Kevin Costner in the rest of Yellowstone season 5, but there is no denying that they are growing impatient with the news that John Dutton could not return to the show. In addition, the actor’s recent publication on his official Instagram account ended up disappointing viewers.


Turns out Kevin Costner posted about his new Western ‘ Horizon: An American Saga ,’ and Yellowstone fans are upset. This is the upcoming American film co-written, produced and directed by the actor, which is diverting his attention from season 5 of the drama also available on Paramount + . There is no denying that Costner is excited about his new project, since he shared a photo of a director’s chair with the word “Horizon” on the back.

“We are very deep into production on #HorizonFilm and I have to tell you, I haven’t felt this way about a movie since we were making Dances With Wolves,” Costner wrote in the post. “I can’t wait to share it with all of you.”

However, Costner’s enthusiasm for Horizon doesn’t sit well with Yellowstone season 5 fans.Some accused him of copying the work of Taylor Sheridan with his new movie. Others are eagerly awaiting updates on upcoming episodes and aren’t as excited to hear about Costner’s love for her new movie.

“So I’m not interested,” commented one fan. “I used to love your work on Yellowstone, but you copied Taylor Sheridan and now you lose your family and your Emmy-winning show. Priorities all wrong.”

“Sorry Kevin, you really let me down with your attitude lately,” another fan wrote. “I thought you weren’t like that. I have always loved you, but this shows me that you are just like the other divas out there…”.


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