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Sister Wives: Christine & Kody To Fight For Truely’s Custody In The Next Season — Intense Drama Coming Up!


A custody war will soon begin on TV between Christine and Kody Brown. The Sister Wives stars, who ended their marriage of over 25 years in November 2021, are since then the couple is fighting over their 12-year-old daughter. Christine, Kody’s third wife in the plural marriage, moved to Utah with Truely after leaving Kody. But the patriarch is not on board with her decision. He wants to spend more time with her daughter and demands joint custody. The following season of the hit TLC show will reveal all the details of their conflict. Fans are eager to witness how Christine and Kody resolve their dispute and how it will impact their daughter.

Sister Wives: Christine & Kody Custody Drama Over Truely Will Unfold In Next Season!

The following season of Sister Wives will feature the agreement between Kody Brown and Christine Brown over the custody of Truely Brown. In the last season, fans witnessed that the 12-year-old had moved to Utah with her mother in their new home. The Sister Wives star has different perspectives on co-parenting, Truely. The ex-couple was never legally married but had a spiritual union as part of a polygamous family. They have six children together, but only Truely is still a minor. Christine left Kody and the family after feeling unhappy and unloved for years.

The show’s lead star, who lives roughly 5 hours away, is not happy with Christine’s plan. Kody claims that a legally binding custody agreement is required to prevent lawsuits. The viewers of Sister Wives are speculating that the next installment may feature Kody hiring a lawyer to fight her ex to change the custody sentence and make it 50-50. As per the reports, the patriarch was making zero contact with Christine and was disgusted seeing Truely hanging with her step-dad-to-be.


The custody dispute has emotional consequences for Truely and the rest of the family. Truely loves both her parents and misses her siblings and half-siblings. Christine says she wants Kody to be around his kids, but she also wants to do what’s best for herself and Truely. The ex-pair hopes to settle soon with what works for them and Truely. They also plan to co-parent her from different states.

Sister Wives: Will Christine Allow Kody Brown To Meet Truely?

The relationship between Christine and Kody Brown experienced turbulence. It resulted in their divorce and a custody fight for their youngest daughter, Truely. The strain on their marriage became apparent when Christine revealed sentiments of abandonment and eventually divorced Kody. Then, she attempted to migrate to Utah with Truely, claiming the kid’s health difficulties. This decision worried Kody, who claimed his rights as Truely’s father while being legally married solely to Robyn. The former couple fought over parenting arrangements, with Kody demanding shared custody and threatening legal action.

However, recent reports indicate that Christine and Kody have initiated talks behind the scenes to find a resolution and enable Kody to visit Truely. Sources reveal that despite the tensions, Kody has maintained contact with his daughter through regular phone calls and FaceTime sessions. As the negotiations unfold, show fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming season for a glimpse into the custody agreement’s outcome. For more exciting news updates, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers.


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