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Sister Wives: Kody Brown Reunites With Janelle For The Sake Of Their Daughter


Season 17 Tell All episode of Sister Wives featured Janelle parting ways with Kody Brown. She decided to renounce her marriage after almost 30 years of togetherness. Their marital issues went to the extent that they ended up splitting. It was evident that Janelle and Kody’s ‘spiritual’ marriage had issues intially because of their kids. But it seems that the reason for their reconciliation is also one of their children! Yes, you heard it right. Recently, the stars finally reunited because of their kid and seemed really happy as they couldn’t stop grinning at all. Are Janelle and Kody back together?

Sister Wives: Janelle & Kody Reunite After 6 Months Of Staying Apart

Sister Wives star Janelle and Kody used to have a neutral relationship. But after staying together for almost 30 years, they realized they were better off without each other. Fans witnessed their clashes over their kids, resulting in their divorce. However, after almost six months of their split, Kody and Janelle finally reunited because of their daughter, Savannah. Recently, the latter took to Instagram and revealed that her daughter was finally a high school gradu ate. Janelle admitted that this one was a bit different compared to the other ones, but everything went well.


In the first picture, Savannah wore a green cap and gown while she stood in the center. Her mother and brothers, Gabriel and Garrison, were on either side. Christine’s daughter Gwen also came to support her sibling. But the shocking yet the best part was Kody Brown’s presence. Janelle posted a selfie of her ex-husband and Savannah as they grinned at the camera. Indeed, it was an iconic moment, and fans also loved it. Several users took to Reddit and appreciated Kody for being there for his daughter and watching her achieve milestones in life. Many Sister Wives fans even agreed that Kody and Janelle appeared relaxed and happy in their lives.


Sister Wives: Kody Brown Flaunts His $1.1K David Yurman Necklace

Sister Wives star Kody Brown makes an appearance in pictures rarely. But whenever he does, he ensures he is well-dressed and up-to-date. Recently, the celeb decided to finally turn up for his daughter’s graduation ceremony with Janelle. Kody wore an ocean blue t-shirt and paired it with a light blue coat. He accessorized his look with an expensive necklace which would have cost him around $1,000. It was basically a sterling silver Shield Lapis and Sapphire Amulet.

Fans were quick to note that Kody was wearing a super costly necklace amid financial crises. As per the current scenario, he lost three independent earning wives and is left with Robyn without even a proper job. Hence, several users took this matter to Reddit and discussed it. Someone wondered if Robyn was the one who gifted it to him. On the other hand, a user predicted that Kody was using all the money he got from TLC instead of spending it on his kids. The Reddit thread even attached the original site selling this expensive silver Shield Lapis necklace. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.


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