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Sister Wives: Kody Doesn’t Want Truely To Live In The Same House As David Woolley! Says It’s “Inappropriate”


The stars of TLC’s Sister Wives have been undergoing significant changes in their family dynamics. Kody Brown and Christine Brown have six children together. They were in a polygamous relationship until the latter announced their divorce and moved to her hometown. Christine has relocated to Utah with her daughter Truely and got engaged to David. On the other hand, Kody isn’t happy with Christine’s living situation. He believes it is wrong for the teen to live with an unwed pair. He also wants to have joint custrody of their youngest girl. The celebrity also tried to throw dirt on Christine using their daughter. The 13-year-old feels pressure from both sides and has been seen not smiling or hugging her siblings since then.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Dislikes Truely Living With Her Mom & Her Fiance, Sharing House With David

Sister Wives stars Kody, and Christine Brown were “spiritually” married and filmed their lives over a decade on TLC’s hit show. The latter wanted a more intimate relationship which her husband was unable to share. She went back to Utah and found a new love in David Woolley. The couple has recently bought a house together where they plan to live with Christine’s children, including Truely. But Kody seemed unhappy with their current living situation, and he thinks it is “Inappropriate” for Truely to live with them. He was disgusted with the thought alone that Christine was in a live-in relationship with David, as they were not married yet.

Recent reports reveal information from an insider, disclosing that Kody believes it is inappropriate for her teenage daughter to reside in a household with an unmarried couple. He holds the assumption that it might set a negative example for Truely and potentially lead to behavioral issues. The source also reveals that Christine, due to her previous polygamous lifestyle, is hurrying to get married. According to TheSun, David holds animosity towards Christine’s ex-husband due to his mistreatment of her. Moreover, it seems that is that the majority of the photos shared by the new couple are deliberately planned and directed toward Kody.


Despite the fact that Kody has not publicly spoken about the incident, he finds himself bothered by the closeness of her daughter to David. The family’s cherished memories trigger the celebrity for apparent reasons. The circumstances surrounding the lead are sorrowful. Fans responded negatively to Kody’s attitude, accusing him of bringing an adult’s disagreement upon Truely and being inconsiderate. They advised Kody to recall the time when he neglected Christine and her kids.

Sister Wives: Kody Is Silently Fuming Over Christine’s Engagement!

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has expressed his unhappiness about his ex-wife Christine’s engagement to David Woolley. He remains unconvinced about the genuineness of their bonds. He holds the belief that his ex is attempting to make him jealous or inflict sadness upon him. The Sister Wives patriarch suspects that Christine’s whirlwind romance with David is staged for TV. He also perceived it as her way of seeking revenge for their reported split, as reported by TheSun.

Kody has not publicly commented about his concerns. However, the audience thinks otherwise. Many supporters have criticized his reaction to Christine’s engagement, accusing him of being hypocritical and selfish. In contrast, the supporters believe that he should feel pleased for Christine and offer his support for her decision to move on. Additionally, they congratulated Christine for being supportive and loving towards Truely, as well as for finding love again. Keep checking TV Season & Spoilers for all more updates on the topic.


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