The Yellowstone Effect: Jennifer Landon’s Extraordinary Evolution and Life-Defining Moments

How Yellowstone Changed Jennifer Landon's Life Forever


Since its debut in the summer of 2018, the contemporary western “Yellowstone” has set viewership records, birthed not one, but two different spin-offs, and launched or cemented the careers of a number of actors, even as it boasts several more established names and faces. For instance, prior to starring in this series, real-life cowboy Forrie J. Smith (aka Lloyd Pierce) performed largely as a stuntman or extra and was credited frequently as “additional crew” (via IMDb) while the actor Brecken Merrill landed his first role ever when he was cast as Tate, the youngest of the Dutton clan. Other recurring cast members or series regulars such as Ian Bohen, Ryan Bingham, and Denim Richards — ranch hands Ryan, Walker, and Colby, respectively — saw their success and familiarity reach a whole new level with their appearance in the Paramount series.

Actor Jennifer Landon falls into this second category. Though the actor had starred in several daytime soaps and enjoyed multiple-episode arcs on “Banshee” and “Animal Kingdom” by the time she joined “Yellowstone” in its third season, her portrayal of the hard-working, heavily-accented, pink-haired ranch hand and fan-favorite Teeter helped make her a household name. In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Landon opened up about the impact the series has had on both her and her career.

Landon can’t yet know the full extent of the series’ impact

When asked how the success of “Yellowstone” has changed her life, Landon gave a distinctly pragmatic answer: “I think it’s changed my life in ways that I’m not aware of,” she said, explaining that as the actor, “you’re not on the outside and you’re not at the extent that it’s trickling out into the world.” While Landon may not yet have the full, birds-eye-view of the series’ ultimate impact on her career, she did speak to how it impacted her on a more personal level.


The actor explained that for someone who’s moved from series to series over the years and been both employed and unemployed, it is, as she says, “so nice to…have a home.” Despite the series’ ongoing success, Landon even went so far as to say that she “already [grieves] the sort of loss of that home in advance, because all things must end.” (Thankfully, for concerned fans, she did clarify that her mourning was “well in advance”).

Part of the appeal of her new home lies in its location. Landon told the outlet she’s not a big fan of LA and took a break from acting a decade ago to live on a Montana cattle ranch. “When we’re shooting,” she added, “those animals are those animals and we’re working them, so it’s like the perfect fit.” It seems that in addition to altering her career in ways that have yet to reveal themselves, shooting the series has given Landon a home in which she’s genuinely happy. Let’s hope Kevin Costner’s John Dutton doesn’t decide to fire her again for no legitimate reason.


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