Yellowstone Spin-Off 1944: Latest News, What It Might Be About, and Everything Else to Know

We might be following the Duttons during the second World War


When Yellowstone premiered in 2018, audiences were immediately captivated. Now, five seasons in, the Paramount show starring Kevin Costner as John Dutton and Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton is more popular than ever. It’s so popular, in fact, that it has spawned something like half a dozen separate spin-offs, all created (or co-created) by Taylor Sheridan.

The first spin-off, 1883, was a Dutton family prequel series starring Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. The second, 1923, premiered in 2022 and stars Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford as Dutton family members of the next generation.

Up to four more spin-offs have been announced. Lawmen: Bass Reeves is in production and will focus on the real-life story of Bass Reeves, the first Black Deputy U.S. Marshal (played by David Oyelowo). Also in production, 6666 will be set in the present day at Four Sixes Ranch in Texas. The last to be announced is 1944, which is currently in development. (Matthew McConaughey has also been confirmed for a spin-off, but it’s unclear whether it’s a new series or one of the aforementioned planned spin-offs.)

Here is what we know so far about 1944, the fifth spin-off in the Yellowstone franchise. We’ll try to answer your questions about when 1944 will premiere, who may be in the series, and where you will be able to watch it once released.

1944 latest news

Paramount has yet to officially announce the 1944 series, as it’s still in advanced states of development. However, in February 2023, Montana newspaper Ravelli Republic reported that Tom Prince, an executive at 101 Studios (which is a production studio for Yellowstone), revealed information about the series at a town hall event in Hamilton, Montana. He said that 1944 would be a follow-up to the series 1923, which stars Ford and Mirren as Jacob and Cara Dutton, respectively.

“My guess is that it’ll be shooting largely in the Bitterroot Valley because it has to take place at what is Chief Joseph Ranch,” Prince said. Chief Joseph Ranch is in Darby, Montana, and serves as the Dutton family ranch in the main Yellowstone series.

In March 2023, The Hollywood Reporter sneakily confirmed the existence of 1944 in a story about Yellowstone and Westerns on streaming. “The franchise has already spawned spinoffs 1883 (with Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill) and 1923 (starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren) — both of which have already been renewed for second seas ons — with the David Oyelowo and Dennis Quaid drama Bass Reeves, 1923 

sequel 1944 and 6666 (named after the flagship’s ranch) also in various stages of development.”

What will 1944 be about?

Neither Sheridan or Paramount has released information about the Yellowstone spin-off 1944, but we can make a few guesses based on the information we do know. Based on Prince’s reveal that 1944 will follow 1923 and be filmed on the ranch in Bitterroot Valley, it’s safe to assume it will be about another story in the Dutton family tree.


Based on the title of the series, it’s possible the storyline will touch on America’s struggles during the end of World War II. The global conflict impacted the country in many ways, including the fact that women had to take on roles previously held by men while they were at war. This could mean that the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch could be run by the matriarch of the family.

1944 release date prediction

At this time, 1944 is only in development, so it will likely be a long time before it is released if it officially goes to series. Based on the order the spin-off shows have been announced, it seems likely that Lawmen: Bass Reeves and 6666 will air before 1944.

Lawmen: Bass Reeves has begun filming, according to Dennis Quaid, who stars in the series — but there has been no word about 6666 filming yet.

Because 1944 is a follow-up to 1923Yellowstone fans might need to wait until the Harrison Ford-led series ends to see the spin-off. The second season of 1923 doesn’t even have a release date yet, so the earliest we could see 1944 is likely the end of 2024.

Who will be in 1944?

Because 1944 is only in development, no official cast announcements have been made. In February 2023, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Matthew McConaughey was in talks to star in a new Yellowstone spin-off, which led to many speculating he would star in 1944. However in May 2023, Deadline reported that Yellowstone would end at the end of season 5 (which airs in November) with a new, unnamed spin-off to follow it. The outlet added that McConaughey is still in talks with the network, so he’s not officially on board with any spin-off, but if it goes through, it might not be 1944.

Where can I watch 1944?

As a Paramount Network show, 1944 will probably be available on Paramount+, just like the other Yellowstone spin-offs. It may also be available on cable, depending on how the network decides to air it.


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