Learn All About The Actor Who Plays Spencer Dutton On “1923”


We were first introduced to the character Spencer Dutton in flashback scenes on Yellowstone. He is the youngest child of James and Margaret Dutton from 1883, having been born after they arrived in Montana.

Spencer was just a child in the Yellowstone flashback scenes. He was portrayed by young actor Charlie Stover in those flasbacks.

Spencer is now one of the main characters in the new Yellowstone prequel series 1923. As described by TVFanatic, the adult Spencer “has witnessed the horrors of World War I.” By the time we catch up with him in 1923, Spencer is in Africa working as a hunter for hire. He hunts predators who pose a threat to human settlements.

Fans have quickly grown attached to Spencer’s character, and they’re curious to know more about Brandon Sklenar, the actor who plays him.

We actually don’t know much about Brandon’s background before he kicked off his career. We do know he was born in New Jersey, and that he started acting in 2011.

Brandon has appeared in films such as Temple (as the character James), Mapplethore (as Edward Mapplethorpe), and Midway (as George Gay). He’s also had roles on television series including Truth Be Told, New Girl, 

and Westworld.

In 2022, Brandon received the Best Actor award at the Vienna Independent Film Festival for his performance in the independent film Futra Days. He played the film’s main character Sean Graves.

Although he’s been in the industry for awhile, Brandon made his first post on a public Instagram account just a few months ago. He’s only shared four posts, and all of them relate to his role on 1923.



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Based on how much buzz Brandon has generated for his portrayal of Spencer Dutton, we have a feeling that big things are in store for him. 

We can’t wait to see where Spencer’s story goes in the upcoming episodes of 1923. Learn more about what to expect from the series by tuning in to the video below.


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