Happy Birthday Denim Richards: Celebrating The Colby Star’S Most Unforgettable ‘Yellowstone’ Moments

‘Yellowstone TV’ Star Denim Richards Didn’t Think Jen Landon Would Land Role of Teeter: Here’s Why


Paramount Network’s hit series “Yellowstone” is propelling actor Denim Richards into superstardom as he climbs the Hollywood ranks.

On “Yellowstone”, Richards plays an easily likable cowboy and loyal ranch hand, Colby. Fans of the show have seen Colby’s role on the show continue to increase.

We also see Colby gain a love interest in season three as he and the trash-talking Teeter discover feelings for each other. Initially resisting Teeter’s aggressive advances, a near-death experience at the hands of Wade Morrow convinces Colby of his true feelings. The on-screen chemistry between Richards and Teeter actress, Jen Landon, is obvious and a joy to watch for “Yellowstone” fans. But much like his character, Denim had his doubts about Landon before she landed the role. In a 2020 interview, Richards discusses his first impressions of Landon. He says after viewing her audition tape for the role of Teeter, he was unsure if Landon was the best fit for the show.

“Taylor (Sheridan) was really excited about this character and I remember when I had the opportunity to see her audition tape,” he says. “She’s super cool and has lots of energy but aren’t we suppose to understand what she says?”

Denim was referring to the thick southern accent that Landon uses when in the Teeter character. Sheridan later explained to Richards that the dialect was part of the character’s personality.

“I was like ‘ok cool,’” Richards says with a laugh in recalling the conversation with Sheridan.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Want More of Colby and Teeter


Landon got the part of Teeter and the rest is “Yellowstone” history. Now fans are excited to see what comes of the unconventional relationship in the upcoming fourth season.

Late in the third season, we see Colby and Teeter earn their “Yellowstone” brands by participating in the murder of Wade and Clint Morrow. Now that both ranch hands are full members of the “Yellowstone” family, fans can expect to see the roles continue to blossom. Many fans of the show say they want to see much more of the unlikely pair. We wouldn’t bet against that happening at all.

Colby is a highly capable ranch hand and often works side-by-side ranch foreman Rip Wheeler and other hands. In season three, Colby gets the most screen time he’s had through three seasons and is involved in a couple of major storylines. He joins Ryan and Teeter to fight off a group of rowdy bikers that are trespassing on “Yellowstone” ranch property. Initially outnumbered by the bikers, the ranch hands are able to get the upper hand when Rip and Lloyd arrive. The group dispatches the motorcycle club, although they return later in the evening in a wayward attempt at revenge.

Though we don’t exactly know when, season four of “Yellowstone” is expected in the near future.


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