John Wayne

John Wayne’s best-ever acting advice was blasted at Duke in foul-mouthed rant during WW2


John Wayne confessed to the exchange during his final interview with Barbara Walters, which took place just a few months before his death.

During his last couple of decades, John Wayne’s health seriously deteriorated. The lifelong heavy smoker and drinker lived without one of his lungs and a couple of his ribs from the mid-1960s onwards, after being diagnosed with lung cancer. Nevertheless, Duke tenaciously battled on, playing roles he was too old, fat and physically challenged for. Relying on a toupee, makeup and a secret oxygen mask, he was eventually diagnosed with stomach cancer which he died of on June 11, 1979. Just six months prior, the Hollywood star gave his final interview in which he shared the best acting advice he’d ever received during one fiery altercation with a woman.


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