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Kevin Costner Reveals New Details About Yellowstone Season 5! This Will Break Your Heart!!


All Yellowstone fans, we know you are preparing for the fall season. For the past few years, this season has been special for all the Yellowstone viewers. Every year, the franchise drops a new installment to amaze the fans. This year is no different and the fans are eagerly waiting for Yellowstone Season 5.

So, with the new season of the much-awaited series knocking at the doors, a bunch of rumors and leaks are looming around the Internet. While some of these leaks are ignited by the show stars, some are weaved by the fans, themselves!! So, today, Sassyshows is here with some spicy reveals on the new Yellowstone season. Here is all we know so far…

Yellowstone Is A Blockbuster

Yellowstone entered our lives back in 2018, since then no other western drama has managed to steal the charm of the Dutton’s rampage. The series follows the Dutton, the most powerful family in Montana that owns one of the oldest and most gigantic ranches in the U.S. Sounds basic right? What’s so special about it?

Well, what makes Yellowstone a fan favorite is the uniqueness of its characters. The Duttons are desperately dysfunctional, egoistic, and obsessed with their property to the point that their entire life surrounds the local politics to preserve and safeguard their ownership. The distinguished characteristics of the Dutton family members give a new shade to the show.

So, with an increasing graph of popularity, the fans are eagerly counting the days for the release of Yellowstone season 5. So, when is the new season dropping, and what will be the center of attraction of season 5? Here is all we know so far.


Yellowstone Season 5 Will Bring The Ultimate Roller Coaster 

So, fans, tell us which is the most complicated character in Yellowstone? Ya, you guessed it right!! It’s none other than John Dutton, the head of the ranch. John is a difficult man. Thus, the children that he raised have inevitably been impacted by his traits. John Dutton is played by Kevin Costner, a Hollywood legend.

Now that there are only a handful of days left for the release of Yellowstone Season 5, Kevin Costner’s revelation on the show offered some concrete clues about the future of the Duttons. As per the official interviews of Kevin Costner, the new season will majorly focus on John’s struggle to keep the land in his hand. This means there will be twice the politics, strategies, attacks, and betrayals.

“It’s been set up in a sense that there’s so much pressure on what’s coming for his land that he’s going to have to do something, so we’re going to see what he did and does to stay ahead of it.”

So, fans are you excited for Yellowstone Season 5? Share your thoughts in the comment section. Happy reading!!


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