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‘Quigley Down Under’ Star Tom Selleck Channeled His Inner Taylor Sheridan Regarding the Western’s Details


An actor likes to be focused on a project’s details. When it came to Tom Selleck and Quigley Down Under, this has a familiarity to it.

Well, familiar in the sense of being like Taylor Sheridan, who is locked in on 1883. Selleck wanted to have some say in how the movie was presented on screen. He went all-in on the project itself. Let’s get some details thanks to an article from Cowboys & Indians.

“I wanted the movie to be accurate,” Selleck said. “You see a film like Vera Cruz, that takes place in the 1860s, and they’re using 1892 Winchesters and Colt Single-Action Armies, which were not even around then. But that’s what movies were — they didn’t care, but I did.”

Tom Selleck Focused On Making Sure Character, Saddles, Guns Were Geared To Time

What did Tom Selleck do? Well, the actor costumed his character and had saddles built that were appropriate to the period. He also carried a Shiloh Sharps 1874 Long Range Rifle with double-set triggers.

Also, Selleck picked out his own horse. It turns out that he remembered some advice from horse wranglers regarding John Wayne. It seems The Duke would not get on a horse less than 16 hands tall “’cause it just doesn’t look right.”

Would you believe that actress Nicole Kidman got turned down for the Crazy Cora role that went to Laura San Giacomo? Well, she was, indeed. Selleck said that “she was too young at the time.” This film came out in 1990. It’s OK. Kidman has done pretty well in her career, recently playing Lucille Ball in Being the Ricardos along with Javier Bardem.


Actor Admits That Taking On Role For ‘Friends’ Made Him Nervous

While Tom Selleck made this movie and has appeared in many others, obviously his fans are busy watching him on TV right now. He plays NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods. That show has put new episodes on hold for now due to the Winter Olympics. When the Beijing Games are done, expect them to drop on CBS.

There was one role and show that freaked him out a bit. It was in a 2020 interview on NBC’s Today that he revealed being nervous about playing Dr. Richard Burke on the hit series Friends. “I hadn’t done a three-camera live show since Taxi,“ he said. “It scared me a little. But that’s the price you pay for [an] opportunity.”

He was just going to do a three-episode arc. That changed after a table read for Episode No. 3. “They said, ‘Hey, can you do a few more?’” Tom Selleck said. “So then I did more. And I quickly realized, ‘Wow, this is a big deal.’”


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