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Ron Howard Wears Bandage on His Face Following Medical Procedure in New Video


Ron Howard, legendary actor and director, recently posted a video to Twitter promoting his new film, Thirteen Lives.

His new film Thirteen Lives depicts the real-life 2018 Tham Laung cave rescue. Back in 2018, a soccer team and their coach were trapped in a cave in Thailand for eighteen days. Luckily, they were rescued, and all players and the coach emerged safely.

In his Twitter video, Howard plugs his new movie. However, first, he talks about a checkup scare that he had earlier in the day at the dermatologist. However, while he offers advice, he doesn’t reveal exactly how he “dodged a bullet,” as he says.

“Hey folks, just back from the dermatologist’s office as you can probably see,” he said, referring to the bandage on his nose in the video. “Uh, by the way, I just dodged a bullet this morning. So I recommend that you get your checkups. Get in and have things looked at. Better early than late.”

Then, he takes the time to mention his new film. “By the way, my latest movie Thirteen Lives, it just dropped on Prime Video, so check it out,” he says. “We’ve very, very proud of it.”


“We watched it last night. It was fantastic!” one fan wrote in a tweet that garnered over sixteen favorites. “Thank you for making it available to us on Prime. Blessings your way.”


Another fan agreed with his advice on skin checks, saying, “Good advice! Skin checks are important. Thank you for sharing! Hope all is well.”

Ron Howard’s New Film ‘Thirteen Lives’


Recently, Howard posted to Twitter to thank his friend and famous filmmaker Jon Favreau for introducing his movie at its premiere.


“My friend & colleague @Jon_Favreau did me and our movie @thirteenlives the honor of intro’ing the film at a @CAA screening – it looked, sounded & played great. Fun!” he wrote in the tweet. He continued, writing, “Thanks Jon & thanks to viewers for the great responses so far. Makes us at Team #ThirteenLives proud. @primevideo.”


Jon Favreau is an actor and filmmaker known for creating and starring in many popular films. For instance, he helped create Swingers, Elf, and The Lion King and the series The Mandalorian. Favreau is widely credited with helping launch the Marvel Cinematic Universe and propelling it to huge success. For instance, Favreau directed and produced the first two Iron Man films. Then, he subsequently served as a producer and actor in The AvengersSpider-Man: HomecomingAvengers: Endgame, and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Favreau and Howard are similar for starting their careers as actors before switching over into writing and directing films.

Thirteen Lives contains a star-studded cast, including actors Viggo Mortenson, Joel Edgerton, and Collin Farrell. The film was shot in Australia despite the events taking place in Thailand.



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