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Sister Wives Fans Think Meri Favors Robyn’s Children – Here’s Why

Sister Wives star Meri Brown isn’t often seen hanging out with the older Brown children, but she is seen with Kody and Robyn Brown’s children.


Meri Brown has intrigued Sister Wives fans, making them curious about the time she spends with her former sister wife Robyn Brown’s children. She was rarely seen with anyone outside the adults of the Brown family during the past few seasons, likely due to the pandemic. However, fans have noticed Meri spending more time with Robyn’s kids than she does with the children of any other wife. There could be many explanations for this, and viewers enjoyed discussing the possibilities.

Sister Wives’ Meri Brown had her ups and downs with fans. Some find her to be abrasive or annoying, while others believe she’s misunderstood, and admire that she can do what she wants. In past months, a few of the older Brown children have spoken out about Meri, saying she took her frustrations out on them, and that she abused them as children. This caused a stir among fans, as such claims aren’t taken lightly, but little has been said about it by the family. Recently, viewers looked at the way Meri acts with Robyn’s kids and found it to be different from how she acted previously.

Why Sister Wives Fans Think Meri Spends Time With Robyn’s Kids



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On Reddit, fans like u/avidexplorer14 noted a “stark difference” in how Meri treated the older Brown kids and how she “begs to be near Sol and Ari.” They said it seems Meri puts “a lot of effort” into developing and maintaining a relationship with the younger kids, and think she does so to remain in “casual contact” with Kody Brown. Though Meri has been moving on since her divorce from Kody, fans said her previous actions show her using her relationship with Robyn as both a way to “get close

” to Kody, and as a “kind of do over” for how her previous relationships played out.

Why Sister Wives Fans Feel Meri Burned Bridges With The Other Wives

Sister Wives fans theorize Meri’s closeness with Robyn could be connected to how she treated Christine and Janelle Brown in the past. It is no secret the first three wives struggled to live and parent together. Fans believe Meri “burned bridges” because she was “jealous” the other wives were having children while she “was struggling to conceive.” With Meri’s past jealousy and fights with the other wives, it’s no surprise that she is painted as a villain. However, fans think differing opinions on raising children and “discipline” also contributed to the fallout between Meri and Christine. As a result, they speculated that being friends with Robyn made Meri feel more “accepted” and comfortable around her children.

Meri’s relationship with Robyn’s kids is great to see, but Sister Wives fans wish she spent time with more of the other Brown children. Her closeness to some kids but not others feels like favoritism. The effort Meri puts into the younger kids could be a result of her not getting along with the other ones, or not having developed as close of a relationship with them because of conflict with their mothers. Meri was seen with Logan and Hunter Brown recently, but meet-ups like these aren’t common for her. It allows fans to think she likes Robyn’s children more because of their proximity, and it makes her feel accepted.


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