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Sister Wives: TLC Will Cut David Woolley’s Scenes From Season 18 After Suicide SCANDAL? Christine’s BF Won’t Star On The Show?


The Sister Wives star Christine Brown publicly revealed her relationship with David Woolley recently. Since then, the couple has been posting pictures from their honeymoon phase. Hence, TLC viewers eagerly await the show to feature their storyline. But as per the current scenario, there is a fair chance the network wouldn’t cast him! Evidently, Woolley’s name is on his ex-wife’s suicide note, allegedly making him halfway responsible for her death! Keep reading to know if David will be a part of Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: Will TLC Cast David After His Wife’s Suicide Scandal Was Spread In Media?

The Sister Wives star Christine Brown’s new beau, David, has been in the headlines for a while now. Recently, a source revealed that his former wife Margaret committed suicide in 2012. She not only took her life but accused Woolley of being the reason. Suliin mentioned that her husband took everything good from her and broke it. She further revealed that David was manipulative and asked him to be a better father than he was a husband. This news took over the internet, and now the viewers are skeptical if the network would even cast him or not!

As per the current scenario, David has his name on his ex-wife’s suicide note. Hence, there is a fair chance that Margaret’s last words would act as a dagger and hamper Woolley’s growth. In the recent past, Christine hinted at the filming of Season 18. If her new boyfriend was a part of it, there is a fair chance that his scenes would be censored or omitted because of his wife’s suicide scandal.

On the contrary, some viewers believe this incident occurred a decade ago. Woolley was also accused of having manipulative ways. But he hasn’t been proven guilty of pushing his wife to take her life. Even though Margaret’s letter had his name, David wasn’t punished for it. Even their daughter Kati agreed that her mom was going through mental health issues and was an addict. So there is a fair chance that the entire blame for her death won’t be put on Woolley. And if TLC has already filmed scenes with David, he will likely appear on Sister Wives Season 18.


Sister Wives: David’s Daughter Kati Charlene Slams A British Tabloid For Revealing Her Mother’s Suicide For Money!

The Sister Wives star David Woolley’s daughter recently took to her social media accounts and slammed a British tabloid for revealing the news of her mother’s suicide. Kati Charlene admitted with tearful eyes that because a site posted an article on this devastating incident, she had to relive the worst moment of her life. She stated that she ‘begged’ them not to reveal any information, but they did just for ‘money.’!



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Kati revealed that it’s heartbreaking to watch the internet picking up the information and creating a gossip article. She straight away made it clear that her mother’s suicide was neither a matter to gossip about nor of public interest. Hence, Charlene claimed that the core reason for posting this article was to make money. She added that the internet needs to understand that Margaret was a real person and wasn’t a part of the show. So her kids are also real and have to witness their mom’s death and her pictures all over social media. Keep returning to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.


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